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General SAT Essay Overview: Prep Help, Questions, Formatting, and More

The writing section of the SAT requires students to answer multiple-choice questions and write a composition. Some students immediately become concerned when they hear that they have to write an essay for the SAT. Fortunately, with the help of a few strategies, students can learn how to write an SAT essay that is sure to make a favorable impression on the grader who evaluates their essay. Consider these simple tips that provide SAT essay help to students who want to learn how to craft an excellent composition.

The SAT Essay Format

Students who are learning how to write an SAT essay should practice writing essays in a particular format. An effective format for an SAT essay consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Memorizing this format can make writing an essay a lot easier for students who are worried about this section of the SAT. The introduction to the essay must include the thesis sentence. This sentence states what a student is going to prove in the body of the essay. In the introduction, a student should restate the topic of the essay as well as state their position on the topic. A student uses the three body paragraphs to offer evidence that supports their position on the topic. In the conclusion, the student reaffirms the validity of their position.

The Importance of Creating Essay Templates

Creating more than one SAT essay template benefits students in a couple of ways. For one, students can work on templates before the SAT so they have some solid options to choose from on test day. Using a template to write an essay saves a student time and allows them to focus on the essay’s content as opposed to its basic organization. It’s a good idea for students to create a few thesis sentences that they can adjust to flow with their writing prompt for the essay. Also, students can spend time working on several possible conclusions that can be adapted for use with various essay topics. Creating a few templates allows a student to be more efficient when working on the essay portion of the SAT.

Making a Great First Impression

Another tip for students to remember when tackling the essay portion of the SAT is the importance of making a great impression right away. For instance, a student should use a couple of big words in the first paragraph of the essay. This helps the professional test grader to form a positive opinion of the essay right from the start. Students should memorize several large vocabulary words during study time so they have appropriate words to choose from when they start writing. A thesaurus can be one of a student’s most valuable resources when deciding which words to use on the essay. A student who focuses on making a good impression early in the essay is increasing their chances of ending up with positive results.

The Value of Using Specific Examples

In the SAT online course, available at Veritas Prep, our expert instructor teaches students how to use specific examples to improve the quality of an essay. Our instructor advises students to mention one historical event, one literary work, and one current event in the essay. These specific examples include details that give even more credibility to the position a student takes at the beginning of an essay. Of course, a student must know the details related to the historic event, literary work, and current event. It is not enough just to mention the title of a book or note a historic event.

Study Previous SAT Essay Questions

By studying previously used SAT essay questions, a student can practice creating a cohesive essay. Also, a student gets to practice using their templates. An essay question that was used on a previous SAT gives a student a realistic idea of the type of question they will encounter on the test.

Finally, we assist students who are studying for the writing section of the SAT. In fact, our talented tutors are experts on all three sections of this important test. Students can rely on the effective SAT prep courses that are available at Veritas Prep to help them score their best!