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Tips on How to Write a Great College Essay

A typical college application has several parts to it. Often, a student is asked to write a college essay. Writing a college essay can be a challenging task for some students. They may wonder about the format of the essay or what to write about. At Veritas Prep, we offer students assistance with their college essays as well as effective SAT prep courses. Take a look at some practical tips on how to write a college essay.

An Essay Must Have a Thesis

Many students wonder how to start a college essay. One of the most important things for a student to remember is that an essay must have a thesis. The thesis sentence belongs somewhere in the first paragraph. It lets the reader know what the essay is about. Once a student writes the thesis sentence, they can go on to include evidence and/or details that support it. At Veritas Prep, we have professional college admissions consultants who evaluate college essays. Our experienced consultants know what qualities colleges look for in student essays. In short, we offer valuable college essay help to students who need extra guidance or have questions about the project.

Narrow the Focus of the Essay

Naturally, the topic of a college essay depends upon the writing prompt. One of the first steps in learning how to write a college essay is to take a few moments to think about the writing prompt. A student may be asked to write about one significant experience that changed their life. Chances are good that a student can think of several significant experiences to write about. But it’s best to choose just one. A student should focus on providing several details regarding that experience. Some students may be tempted to write about more than one experience, thinking that it will impress college admissions officers; however, it’s best to follow the instructions and not try to cram too much information into the essay. Ideally, a student should end up with an organized essay that is engaging and easy to read.

Write with Sincerity

One of the biggest mistakes students can make is to craft an essay based on what they think college admissions officers want to hear. They include statements that they don’t believe in or take a point of view that they don’t agree with all because they think it will impress college admissions officers. Students who are writing college essays should take the opportunity to reveal a little bit about themselves and their own ideas.

Don’t Overload an Essay with Quotes or Historical Facts

One of the most basic college essay tips to keep in mind is to avoid using too many quotes or historical facts. Some students think that including lots of facts and quotes will impress college admissions officers. But when an essay is crammed with quotes and facts, it can detract from the basic ideas behind the writing. If a student does include a quote from an author or perhaps a historical fact, it should serve a specific purpose in the essay.

Avoid Using Too Many Adjectives

Students must try to create an appealing essay that reveals their writing skills and ability to communicate ideas in an organized way. Some students try to impress college admissions officers by consulting an online thesaurus to find lots of impressive adjectives to describe a simple concept. Experienced college admissions officers can see right through this tactic. It’s a good idea for students to express their ideas in a natural way and not try to use several adjectives when one will do.

Proofread the Essay Several Times

Finally, out of all of the college essay tips a student should remember, this is one of the most important. A college admissions essay should be free of misspellings as well as punctuation and grammar errors. Today, it’s easier to avoid these mistakes due to spelling and grammar checks on word processors. But as most high school students know, there are some mistakes that can slip through a check done by a word processor. An essay that contains avoidable mistakes reflects poorly on the writer.

Our instructors and college admissions consultants at Veritas Prep are valuable resources for students. Our consultants conduct thorough evaluations of student essays and can help with these types of issues along with many others. We offer strategies on how students can make their essays more appealing to college admissions officers.