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Washington DC GMAT Prep Courses

Our 36-hour Washington DC GMAT course completely deconstructs the exam and teaches proven GMAT preparation strategies that enable you to master even the most advanced material. Including 12-full length practice tests, more than 1,500 practice problems and unlimited homework support outside of class, there is no question that Veritas Prep offers the most elite GMAT prep class in Washington DC. Scroll below to find a GMAT course near you.

Why you’ll love Veritas Prep:


I thought prepping for the test on my own would be sufficient. It was only after enrolling in the class that I realized the magnitude of the GMAT. My Veritas instructor provided me with an understanding of the test that I could not have experienced on my own.
-Adam H.


Prior to taking the Veritas Prep Course, I scored a 560 on a practice exam. However, on test day, I scored a 700! I believe that the test strategies presented by Veritas Prep were invaluable for achieving the score I did.
-Nicole G.


Veritas exceeded all of my expectations. There is a resource for any need a student might have. And it's great that we still have access to all of the resources even after the course wrapped up!
-Lisa H.


Veritas has pleasantly surpassed my high expectations. Retaining a full year of online resources and the privilege to retake the course at a later time has proven immeasurably valuable to my journey.
-Jim S.

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Veritas Prep can help you begin to get ready by connecting you with excellent Washington, DC GMAT prep course opportunities. Are you a student preparing to apply to an MBA program at a business school such as the George Washington University School of Business or the Georgetown University - McDonough School of Business? If you are, you might be looking to take the GMAT exam, also known as the Graduate Management Admission Test. The GMAT is one of the most common entrance tests required by business schools. Many MBA enrollments are determined based on a student's GMAT score. This exam has been the most widely used entrance test for MBA admissions for over 60 years.

Administered by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, the GMAT is a crucial step as you prepare to begin your graduate years. The exam has four sections and takes a little over three hours to complete. The test was explicitly designed by business schools to evaluate whether you have the skills needed to succeed in a graduate-level business degree program. It is imperative to achieve the best score possible. A Washington, DC GMAT course or class can be an excellent tool as you prepare.

What does the GMAT cover?

The GMAT consists of four sections. These are the Integrated Reasoning section, the Quantitative Reasoning section, the Verbal Reasoning section, and the Analytical Writing section. Let's take a closer look at each section.

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning section takes 30 minutes and consists of 12 questions. The questions in this section will ask you to solve difficult problems by combining data from multiple sources. Most of these questions require more than one answer. The four types of questions you can find in the section are graphics interpretation, table analysis, multi-source reasoning, and two-part analysis. The main purpose of this section is for you to demonstrate your capacity to assess large amounts of information and make solid decisions, which is extremely important as a future business professional. If you feel you need extra help practicing this integrated approach to problem-solving, a Washington, DC GMAT course or class can help you practice answering these kinds of questions.

The next section is the GMAT Quantitative Reasoning section. In this part of the exam, you have 62 minutes to answer 31 questions. These questions will cover data sufficiency and problem-solving. Data sufficiency problems evaluate your ability to look at a quantitative problem, determine which bits of information are essential, and decide whether you have enough information to solve the problem. The problem-solving questions will measure your ability to use logic and analysis to solve problems of a quantitative nature. These questions are multiple-choice. Both of these types of questions require you to have a basic knowledge of algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. However, this is not a math test. This section is analyzing your ability to use logic and analysis to come to a conclusion. A Washington, DC GMAT course, class, or tutor can assist you in reviewing these concepts.

The next section is the GMAT verbal reasoning section. This section Gives you 65 minutes to complete 36 questions. The questions in this section evaluate your reading comprehension skills, your critical reasoning skills, and your ability to correct sentences. For reading comprehension questions you'll be given a passage accompanied by questions would you ask you to analyze the material, draw inferences, or apply the material to a different context. You'll be expected to know the main idea, supporting ideas, and other writing skills to do well on this type of question. The critical reasoning questions measure your capacity to make and evaluate arguments, as well as creating or assessing a given solution. The final type of question is sentence correction, which measures your proficiency in the English written language. Each question will contain a sentence, part of which will be underlined. The answers will give you five new ways of stating the underlined section of the sentence. You will need to choose the solution which creates a proper sentence. Working through a Washington, DC GMAT prep course is an excellent way to get feedback about your reading comprehension and writing skills.

The final section in the GMAT is the Analytical Writing Assessment. The Writing Assessment will provide you only one question, and you will have 30 minutes to showcase your ability to think critically and present a clear argument. In this portion of the exam, you will be given an argument. You will need to determine whether the given argument has made proper use of the evidence. You are not being asked to provide a case of your own in this section, but are critiquing on already given to you. Your writing will need to be organized and well-developed. A Washington, DC GMAT class is a great place to get feedback from your peers and instructor on your writing skills as you practice to answer this type of question.

When you arrive on exam day, you will be offered three different test sequences. A Washington, DC GMAT prep course would be a great resource as you decide in which order you'd like to take the sections we have discussed. No matter which skills you want to work on, Veritas Prep can help you, especially since the skills you are being tested on are the ones which could also help you succeed in your chosen MBA program.

What are the different types of Washington, DC GMAT prep course and what are their individual advantages?

When you choose Veritas Prep to assist you with GMAT prep, you have three options available to you as you review. These options are self-guided courses, live classes, and private GMAT tutoring. Let's dive into the opportunities each option offers.

When you sign up for a Washington, DC GMAT course, you will receive thousands of practice questions. You also gain the ability to download or stream video lessons which you can view on your computer, tablet, or phone. You can choose to view these instructional videos on your own time with a schedule that works for you. If you ever have questions or need clarification on a topic, you can utilize regularly scheduled live online homework help. Using a self-guided Washington, DC GMAT course is an excellent option for any students who prefer to learn independently.

Another option is a to take a live Washington, DC GMAT class. Live classes are taught online by instructors who have scored in the 99th percentile score on the GMAT. With this plan, you get 36 hours of instruction spread out over six weeks. Live GMAT classes include lessons which cover all sections of the GMAT test. Your teacher will discuss the format of the sections in further detail in addition to explaining which type of material each part covers. This is an excellent option for those students who like to work in a social setting since you can interact directly with both your instructor and your classmates. In addition, a variety of classes are available to make it easy for you to find one which fits into your busy schedule. When you sign up for a Live Class, you receive all of the same study material provided in a GMAT course. You are also able to access the live homework help online in you find you are struggling with something you haven't learned about in class.

The final option is to utilize private GMAT tutoring. With this option, you receive all the same benefits found in a Washington, DC GMAT course or class. You also get the added benefit of personalized instruction that is adapted to your specific requirements. Receiving individual instruction means you can choose to focus on the exact section or skills you believe you need the most help practicing. This option provides the opportunity for expert customized instruction to fit your exact needs. Getting a good score on the GMAT exam can give you the opportunity to attend some of the top business management schools. Working with an exceptional GMAT tutor can help you gain the confidence you need as you prepare to take this important exam.

All three GMAT prep options provide you with a free admissions consultation. No matter which option you go with, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to prepare as you work towards your goals.

Why choose Veritas Prep?

Veritas Prep allows you to choose the test prep format which works best within your schedule. When you select a Washington, DC GMAT course or live class, you are getting instruction from top GMAT scorers. This can be an invaluable resource while you work through the various practice exams, which are offered in the same computer-adaptive format found in the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections. Basically, what this means is that the software decides which question you will have to answer next. Upcoming problems are determined based on your ability to get the previous questions correct. If you are continually answering questions correctly, future questions will progressively get more difficult. If you are getting more questions wrong, the software will adjust to meet your performance. This provides an accurate view of your academic potential.

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