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Veritas Prep GMAT at Trinity Business School

Veritas Prep is proud to partner with Trinity Business School to offer you the world’s most elite GMAT preparation program. The cost of this custom course is €275 per student and will include the following resources – 12 hours of in-class instruction, 12 computer adaptive practice tests, downloadable e-books for all 12 lessons and unlimited access to our live online homework help (available seven days a week). To reserve your seat, click the “enroll now” button below and proceed with the checkout process.

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How will the course work?

On March 28th and April 4th, 2020 (two successive Saturdays), you will:

  • Review the skills and concepts most integral to success on the GMAT.
  • Learn and master actionable strategies, answering the question “what do I do when I can’t quite start a problem?”
  • Learn how to “Think Like the Testmaker™” recognizing common ways that the authors of GMAT problems set traps for novice examinees and embed clues and rewards for those fluent in the language of the exam

This customized 12-hour course will emphasize the topics proven to cause the most trouble for students and to lead to success for those who can master them. Special emphasis will be placed on:

  • Fluency with factors, multiples, and properties of numbers - critical concepts for quick calculations on the no-calculator-allowed quantitative section
  • Data Sufficiency, the GMAT’s unique quantitative question type
  • The Decision Points strategy for Sentence Correction, helping students narrow their focus and raise their accuracy on grammar-based problems
  • The blueprint for Critical Reasoning, a technique to boil down 100+-word problems to the 3-5 words that truly matter

After class, students will have access to the full 36-hour Veritas Prep curriculum via Veritas Prep On Demand video lessons and course books. You will also receive 7 full-length practice tests, access to Live Online Office Hours with daily instructor access for homework questions, and the entire Veritas Prep suite of student resources.

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