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SSAT Tutoring Near Me

SSAT tutoring may be just the thing to enhance your student’s study sessions. Veritas Prep can help you match with exceptional instructors who understand how to bring the concepts to live in a way that resonates with individual students. One-on-one learning offers a variety of unique benefits, including learning from an instructor who knows what they are doing. Our academic advisors can work with you to identify SSAT tutors who are right for your student.

Independent schools use the SSAT to assess an applicant’s abilities in math, reading, and verbal skills. Students can choose to take the standard SSAT, which is given on 8 Saturdays per school year, or the Flex SSAT, which is taken individually or in small groups. This exam is split into three levels: elementary-level, middle-level, and upper-level SSAT.

The elementary-level SSAT is offered to students in third and fourth grade. They have two hours and five minutes to solve 89 problems. This exam houses five sections: quantitative and math, verbal, reading, writing, and the experimental sections. The last two are unscored. Students from 5th to 7th grade can take the middle-level SSAT while 8th to 11th grade students can take the upper-level version, both of which allow three hours and five minutes to answer 167 problems. The upper- and middle-levels of the SSAT sections are similar to the elementary-level, except the quantitative section is divided into two.

The SSAT is a comprehensive exam that can be challenging to prepare for independently. You can support your student’s efforts through online SSAT tutoring. The tutor can create a study plan centered around their learning style, test level, academic goals, and areas of opportunity to help them get the most out of each session. Your student can work at a pace that feels right to them without worrying about falling behind or misunderstanding something. SSAT tutors can patiently match their speed, answer questions as they come up, and explain concepts thoroughly.

Working with a private tutor can allow your student to spend time practicing the skills they need, whether they’d like to spend time answering writing prompts or they need to review the math concepts they will be tested on. The instructor can assess your student as they learn to ensure that they stay on the right track.

Don’t hesitate to give your student a leg up on their exams. Veritas Prep’s academic advisors can help you connect with reliable SSAT tutoring that can work with your student’s learning needs. Just give us a call or fill out the form on this page to learn more!

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