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SSAT Prep Near Me

If you would like to help your student get into a competitive independent school, Veritas Prep offers a variety of SSAT prep options to help build study skills. The SSAT is a standardized test taken by students from the third through the 11th grades as part of the independent/private school application process. It is divided into three separate levels (Elementary, Middle, and Upper) in order to provide an adequate challenge to students of all ages. The exam assumes that a student is entering their new school during the next school year. For example, a fifth-grader who takes the test is applying to a school for sixth grade.

One of the benefits of formal SSAT preparation is the ability to develop a familiarity with the structure of the exam. The SSAT - Elementary Level consists of three scored sections: Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading. The Quantitative section is a math test that assesses skills such as place value, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, fractions, and basic graphing.

The Verbal section concentrates on vocabulary (through antonyms and synonyms) as well as analogies relating one thing to another (part-to-whole, tool-to-user, etc.). The Reading section measures a student’s comprehension of reading passages that may include prose, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. If your student is stronger in one of these areas than another, SSAT prep can focus on their unique needs to improve study efficiency.

The Middle and Upper Levels of the SSAT have the same basic structure, except that the material is of an age-appropriate difficulty. For example, middle school students are expected to solve geometry problems whereas elementary schoolers need only identify shapes on the Quantitative section.

All levels of the SSAT also have an unscored Writing section that is sent to schools as a writing sample. If your student could more effectively translate their thoughts to the page, practicing outlining could prove beneficial. There is also an unscored Experimental section at the end of all of the exams.

The SSAT can be tough, and some students may have little experience with high-stakes exams before they take it. SSAT tutors may administer practice exams under realistic test-taking conditions to help their pupil develop a feel for the exam, potentially building their self-confidence heading into test day. If your student is concerned about a specific section of the test, SSAT tutoring can concentrate on their unique areas of opportunity as well.

SSAT prep could prove to be a valuable investment in your student’s future. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to an academic advisor today to discuss all of the test prep solutions Veritas Prep has to offer!

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