Free SAT Trial Classes

Have questions about the new SAT format? Want an insider’s look at our advanced live online instruction? Our SAT trial class has you covered.

Conquer the SAT

The Veritas Prep SAT Trial Class is more than just an opportunity to see a world-class SAT instructor in action in a state-of-the-art classroom: it’s an opportunity to increase your score. You will learn powerful strategies that will help you succeed on test day, including “Do It Yourself” on vocabulary-in-context questions and the combination of “Answers Are Assets” and “Question the Question” for the Math tests. Participating in this session will raise your score by at least 30 points as well as give you a preview of what you’ll gain through a Veritas Prep class.

Your Host: Beau Borrero

Beau is a Connecticut Yankee and professional musician currently living in New Mexico. During his senior year in high school, Beau enrolled in an SAT prep course and improved his SAT score by more than 300 points. He was immediately hired as an instructor and has been teaching for more than 10 years. Beau has experienced firsthand what a great SAT teacher can do for a motivated student, and he has a true passion for teaching students how to ace the SAT.

“It’s an amazing program that will surely benefit you if you need help studying for the SAT. All the material is very useful and the strategies were easy to grasp. My instructor was great and very supportive. I feel more prepared than ever for the exam.”

- Christopher R.

This 90-minute session includes:

99th Percentile Instruction:Your instructor will have both a 99th percentile score and thousands of hours of SAT teaching experience. You’ll learn about the test, and you’ll learn how students like you can best prepare to defeat it.
The Veritas Prep Methodology: You will practice several effective and memorable strategies - including “Do It Yourself” and “Pick Your Own Nos.” - designed to help you demystify complicated SAT problems and maximize your SAT score.
An Interactive Experience: Learn by doing, not just by listening. You are encouraged to ask questions and participate in sample problems so that this session is focused on you and how you can beat the SAT.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Online education doesn’t have to be pre-recorded lessons or narration over PowerPoint slides. Your expert uses a revolutionary touchscreen to bring the lesson to life.