Teachers first. High scorers second.

The first thing we look for in potential Veritas Prep SAT and ACT instructors is proof that they are amazing teachers. We also require that they have scored in the top 1% of all test takers. We demand this level of mastery because our test prep courses do not merely teach superficial tricks that only work on basic problems. Rather, we teach the strategies that lead to the highest scores on the real SAT and ACT, and our instructors can show students at any level how to master this test.

The best students choose Veritas Prep. So do the best teachers.

While Veritas Prep attracts the most ambitious students, the best ACT and SAT instructors in the world also choose us over the competition and love teaching for us for three main reasons:


Smart instructors love teaching a smart curriculum, and our methodology is the most sophisticated of those from all the national providers.


With live online help, recorded classes in the cloud, and adaptive technology, every student stays on track and in close contact with his instructor – even from home.


When you attract students looking to score in the top 10%, the classroom becomes a lively, engaging, and motivating setting for both students and instructors.
  “The highest praise we can receive is ‘my instructor was the best teacher I’ve ever had’ so we make every effort to hear that from every student. We treat great teachers like royalty, paying the highest rates in the industry and providing the most comprehensive training and support possible so that our instructors have every resource and reason they need to maximize your score.”

Brian Galvin - Vice President of Academics

Meet the Veritas Prep SAT and ACT instructor team:

Millin Sekhon, U. of Miami, perfect SAT score

Millin was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, where she graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA and a perfect SAT score. She was a National Merit finalist, a Presidential Scholars candidate, and member of the English and National Honors Society. She currently attends the Honors Accelerated Medical Program at University of Miami with a full scholarship. This program enables students to combine their fourth year of undergraduate studies and their first year of medical school, completing both BS and MD degrees in seven years. She has a keen interest in pediatrics and tutoring young children. Her greatest joy is helping fellow students with the academic subjects that she has mastered after years of perfecting her study habits and learning strategies.

Terry Ding, Harvard, perfect SAT, perfect ACT score

Terry was born in Boston, but attended kindergarten in Beijing, elementary school in Australia, and high school in Hong Kong, before finally coming full circle to return to Boston and attend Harvard University. From an early age, he developed a deep love of mathematics, logic, and problem solving, and this passion culminated in a BA in applied mathematics and economics in 2011. He discovered the joys of teaching while working as a tutor in high school, and has been sharing his love for many different academic fields with students ever since. At Veritas Prep, Terry helps students conquer the ACT and SAT in order to open any and all doors leading to future success.

Megan Yan, U. Penn, perfect SAT, perfect ACT score

Megan was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. She attends the University of Pennsylvania where she is earning two degrees: a B.S. in Economics with a concentration in Finance from the Wharton School and a B.A. in Political Science from the College of Arts & Sciences. A National Merit Scholar, National AP Scholar, and an IB veteran, she has taken her fair share (and then some) of standardized tests and aims to make the process less stressful for others. She believes in, and is passionate about, giving students the tools to feel confident and unafraid in test situations as well as other aspects of life!

Cynthia Wang, Princeton, perfect SAT score

Cynthia was born and raised in San Jose, California before moving to New Jersey to attend Princeton University. She graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and a certificate in global health and health policy. Her favorite subject to teach on the SAT is the critical reading section, and hopes that her guidance will not only help students improve their analytical skills, but also inspire them to pursue diverse and challenging content to read outside of their test prep work. Cynthia is currently involved in biomedical research in Boston while preparing to apply to medical school. Cynthia spends her free time at the local climbing gym and volunteering at a women’s shelter.

Jonathan Er, Columbia, perfect SAT, perfect ACT score

Jon was born in Niagara Falls, Canada and grew up on both sides of the border. In high school, he was a National Merit Scholar, National AP Scholar, and class valedictorian. After a memorable sojourn in upstate New York, he moved to the city to attend Columbia University, where he currently studies political science, philosophy, and English. Jon volunteers on campus as an academic tutor and college admissions coach. Devoted to sharing knowledge and helping students succeed, he is enjoys furthering these pursuits with Veritas Prep. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, sampling food trucks, and watching Jeopardy! Jon is one of the rare instructors in the world who has perfect scores on both the ACT and SAT.

Alex Wu, University of Pennsylvania, perfect SAT score

Alex was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in the suburbs. He graduated as salutatorian of his high school and is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania with a desired focus in economics and international affairs. Alex enjoys working with kids and is passionate about community outreach. In Alex’s free time, he enjoys grilling, mini golfing, and attending concerts with friends. Additionally, he loves to travel, and would like to one day be able to say that he has visited every single continent. As an SAT tutor at Veritas Prep, Alex hopes to make this process an easier and more positive experience for others so that they, too, can fulfill their aspirations.

Andy Vargas, UC Berkeley, perfect SAT score

Andy was born in Madrid, Spain, and was raised between Spain and North Carolina. After high school, he enrolled at North Carolina State University as a National Merit Scholar, where he majored in Materials Science and Engineering and minored in Mathematics and Linguistics while working through the University Honors Program. Andy is currently acquiring a master’s in Bioengineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and he is excited to help prospective college students achieve their very best on the SAT! Andy enjoys brainstorming original and creative ways to communicate material, like with his algebra app “Sympose It.” When taking a break from teaching, he likes to read, write, strum away on the guitar, and rock climb.

Kyra Englert, UC Berkeley, 99th percentile SAT

Raised in the Bay Area, Kyra currently attends UC Berkeley pursuing degrees in both Molecular and Cell Biology and Economics. She hopes to one day work in the biotech field and participate in healthcare start-ups. In her free time she likes to hike, travel, and eat at new restaurants. One thing that she loves about tutoring is the moment when a student understands the material so well that they have no hesitation answering her questions. She hopes that she can make taking the SAT as easy and stress-free as possible for all her students.

Jared Schwartz, UCLA, 99th percentile SAT and ACT

Jared grew up in Palo Alto, California before heading south to UCLA to study Political Science and Cognitive Science. He has worked as a tutor since his sophomore year in High School, teaching a variety of subjects including English, Math and Chemistry. He is passionate about helping students enjoy learning more and feel more comfortable with learning topics that are initially difficult for them. When not teaching the ACT and SAT, Jared enjoys teaching Public Speaking to help empower students. When he is not going to school or tutoring, Jared plays soccer, tennis, guitar, and explores the outdoors of Los Angeles.

Jake Davidson, USC, 99th percentile SAT

Jake was born and raised in the Los Angeles, enjoying the sunny skies so much that he stayed put for college. He currently attends the University of Southern California, studying both Accounting and Law, History, and Culture. Jake is a Mork Family Scholar at USC and enjoys writing for the school paper as well as participating in various clubs. In his free time, he enjoys reading and writing as well as playing, watching, and coaching basketball and football. He has been tutoring privately since the age of 15 and is incredibly excited to help students succeed on the SAT. Jake enjoyed taking the test and wants to help others experience a similar feeling with the SAT.

Amanda Brown, Pomona College, 99th percentile ACT and SAT

Amanda taught high school English for three years and worked as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development with Teach For America. She loves preparing students for the SAT and ACT and also has experience working with students with learning disabilities and IEPs. Before working in the education field, Amanda attended Pomona College where she majored in Latin American Studies. When not leading classes, Amanda can be found working as a veterinary technician at UC Davis.

Clio Contogenis, Yale University, 99th percentile SAT

Clio graduated cum laude from Yale University with distinction in English and Theater Studies. While at Yale, she acted in a number of productions with the Yale Dramat and the Yale Drama Coalition and was selected as an O’Neill Playwriting Fellow to work at the Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School teaching writing and playwriting to freshmen students. She enjoys getting to know her students personally in order to ensure her teaching sessions remain both fun and informative, and focuses on helping her students to develop an independent interest in the material they are working on. When not tutoring, she is a working actor in New York who enjoys running in Fort Tryon Park, reading, and watching Wes Anderson films.

Danielle Kipnis, Northwestern, 99th percentile SAT

Danielle is a native New Yorker currently living in Miami, Florida. From a young age, she has had a voracious love for learning and teaching. She attended Northwestern University, where she majored in English and dance, and graduated summa cum laude. While in school, she completed a senior honors thesis with a focus on the role of women in three Shakespeare plays. Additionally, she studied English and theater abroad in London for a semester. At Northwestern, she founded the dance company, Steam Heat, for which she performed, choreographed, and produced several shows a year. Danielle continues to dance, choreograph, and satiate her love for teaching through academic tutoring and SAT prep.

Clarissa Towle, MIT, 99th percentile SAT

Clarissa is a Materials Science & Engineering student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A National Merit Finalist and AP Scholar with Distinction, Clarissa tutored throughout high school with the National and Spanish Honor Societies and throughout college with Veritas Prep. Clarissa has traveled across Perú, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and England with fellow students, and she spent the summer of 2014 conducting research in Barcelona. She loves backpacking around the world, biking through Boston and learning Hindi and French, and dancing with MIT’s Dance Troupe. Clarissa is psyched to help her students excel in the academic world!

Courtney Tran, UC Berkeley, 99th percentile SAT and ACT

A Texas native raised in California, Courtney attended UC Berkeley on a full scholarship and graduated in 2016 with a degree in political science. Outside of teaching, she works at Human Rights Watch as a John Gardner Fellow and was named on the Center for Development and Strategy’s 2016 list of 30 Under 30 Leaders of Tomorrow. Her love of teaching was born in volunteer work: assisting her piano teacher, reading English and Spanish books to children at her local library, and offering academic tutoring at her high school. That interest soon evolved into privately teaching classical piano and spending a summer teaching English and music courses at an English-Chinese language immersion program in China. She continues her passion for teaching working with ACT and SAT students at Veritas Prep.

Wes Siscoe, Northern Illinois University, 99th percentile ACT

Wes is a Philosophy PhD student at the University of Arizona. Previous to starting his graduate work, he was a Teach for America Corps member in Mississippi where he first discovered his love for helping students reach their goals. While in Mississippi, he started an after-school ACT tutoring program and has been tutoring for standardized tests ever since. Wes hopes to be a lifelong teacher, and is grateful to be able to continue to help students meet their goals on the ACT at Veritas Prep!

Sidhi Gosain, Brown, 99th percentile SAT and ACT

Sidhi was born in the suburbs of Milwaukee. She was named a National Merit Finalist and National AP Scholar in high school. A Classical Studies fanatic, Sidhi took first place in the Academic Decathlon and was MVP of a Latin-based quiz bowl competition at the National Latin Convention. She went on to concentrate in Neuroscience at Brown University. Her first summer of college, Sidhi became a branch manager for Ivy Insiders, a program which allowed students to set up their own mini-tutoring companies. While currently pursuing a film career in Los Angeles, Sidhi loves helping students to beat standardized tests!

David Greenslade, UNC, 99th percentile SAT

David hails from the great state of North Carolina, where the tea is sweet, and the people are sweeter. David’s interest in teaching began while tutoring underrepresented populations during his time at the University of North Carolina. He fell in love with being an educator and realized the transformative impact of caring and knowledgeable guidance for those who want to achieve at the highest level. After receiving a degree in biology, David was rewarded with a fellowship through Princeton in Asia to teach English and study Mandarin at the Dalian University of Technology in Dong Bei, China. When David is not translating signs in Chinatown for his own amusement, he is involved with improv comedy, which has taken him all over the country as a performer and a teacher.

Thomas Pitzel, Univ of Maryland, 99th percentile SAT

Thomas was born and raised in Alpharetta, Georgia. A National Merit and National AP Scholar, he now attends the University of Maryland studying Aerospace Engineering and Economics with a full scholarship. Thomas volunteered as a tutor throughout high school and is currently tutoring in the athletic department at UMD. When not in class, Thomas enjoys swimming, climbing, and watching college football. Even better, he is excited to help students succeed to the best of their ability through Veritas Prep.

Akila Kadambi, UC San Diego, 99th percentile SAT

Born and brought up in California, Akila is a California native who will never leave! Currently, Akila is a student at the University of California, San Diego pursuing a degree in cognitive science with an emphasis in neuroscience/computing and a minor in marine science. She loves getting involved with a variety of service organizations in college, loves to garden, and, most of all, loves teaching! Akila has worked with kids from a variety of different ages and loves to share her strategies to do well on the SAT with other students. Akila is excited to be working for the best test prep company ever and to be helping her students succeed!

Lalita Singhasri, UCLA and Columbia, 99th percentile SAT

Lalita had the privilege of living on three different continents in 2009, spending more than a month each in Asia, Europe, and North America. Growing up bilingual as a Thai-American in Los Angeles, she learned early on to experiment with mixing different languages. In high school, she began a lifelong love affair with philosophy, the humanities, and intellectual exploration. She earned her bachelor’s degree at UCLA in American literature and culture. Later, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of living in New York City when she was accepted to the prestigious English and Comparative Literature program at Columbia University. Teaching has been Lalita’s longtime passion, and she has more than a decade of experience tutoring and teaching various academic subjects, including standardized tests, Thai language, ESL, Asian-American studies, and university writing. Most recently, she has spent two years as a Thai Town foodie tour guide, four years as a lecturer at Cal State University, Northridge, and three years as a literacy program volunteer for the Los Angeles Public Library.

Ben Hardee, UT Austin, 99th percentile SAT

Ben was born in Austin, Texas, and, apart from short stints in Spain and upstate New York, has lived there all his life. Ben graduated from the University of Texas (UT) with degrees in mechanical engineering and government. He is currently in graduate school for political science at UT. Ben felt a vocational calling to teach after spending a summer working at a math and science camp for middle-school–aged students from historically underrepresented backgrounds. He has tutored the SAT for three years. In his free time, Ben enjoys playing recreational tennis, following professional tennis, learning new things, and communing with the architects of modern liberal democracy.

Jack Goergen, Northwestern, 99th percentile ACT

Jack has been a coach for seven years, a camp counselor for six years, and a tutor for five years. Every time he sees a student’s face fill with pure happiness, he is reminded of why he loves teaching. Jack’s favorite aspect of being an educator is the moment he sees it “click” for a student. He truly believe there is no better feeling than watching a student’s face beam with joy when they grasp a concept, figure out a problem, or overcome a challenge. He loves helping Veritas Prep students reach their ACT goals!

Christina Curlette, MIT, 99th percentile SAT

A native of Georgia, Christina currently attends MIT, where she is studying mathematics with computer science. She is a copy editor for The Tech, MIT’s student-run newspaper, president of the German Club, and an active member of the Society of Women Engineers. She also serves as an associate advisor, working alongside a faculty member to help freshmen navigate their first year of college. In high school, Christina was a National Merit Finalist, National AP Scholar, and valedictorian of her class, and outside of the classroom, she was an accomplished pianist and top-scorer on the math team. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, watching movies, and trying new restaurants.

Rita Pearson, Georgetown Univ, 99th percentile SAT and ACT

Rita grew up in the countryside of Northern California, where she spent her childhood exploring old redwood forests and reading beneath California oak trees. As she grew older, she began to backpack all over the world, learning Portuguese and Spanish, and working as a teacher in low-income communities in North and South America. Her passion for education intensified during her four years in college. She recently graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in science, technology, and international relations. She still loves reading, and has become very invested in writing both fictional short-stories and non-fiction essays. She keeps long lists of new words she encounters when reading (which comes in handy when teaching the reading and writing portions of the SAT and ACT) and she is determined to impart that habit on all of her students.

Reilly Lorastein, Bowdoin College, 99th percentile SAT

Reilly received her bachelor’s degree with honors in Africana studies and history from Bowdoin College in 2013. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, she spent the summer of 2012 conducting independent research on racial identity formation in Lima and Cuzco, Peru. That same summer she also traveled to Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, to research prison literature during apartheid in South Africa. Her honors thesis, completed in spring 2013, ultimately looked specifically at prison literature produced through a program of higher education within San Quentin State Prison. In addition to her written thesis, Reilly also produced and performed in a live show that integrated the original poetry of incarcerated people, dance, and live music. Reilly is currently pursuing a career in the performance arts.

Brian Tracz, Boston College, 99th percentile SAT

Brian graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with honors from Boston College with a bachelor’s of science in biology and philosophy. With the help of his SAT performance, he was awarded Boston College’s Presidential Scholarship; the university’s full-tuition academic scholarship given to 15 incoming freshmen. His initial interest in classical piano performance was soon eclipsed by neuroscience and philosophy, and he worked for more than two years in a neuro-immunology lab, in which he wrote his senior thesis on conceptual issues in neuroscience. In 2013, he began his PhD in philosophy at the sunny University of California, San Diego, where he hopes to specialize in philosophy of perception, cognitive theory, and Germanic philosophy.

Cambrian Thomas-Adams, Yale University, 99th percentile SAT

Cambrian is a Deerfield, Massachusetts, native living in Los Angeles, California. He graduated cum laude from Yale, with distinction in the theater studies major. Cambrian is an actor, writer, and playwright. He also loves speaking Italian, large dogs, cooking with unhealthy levels of spice, and watching movies by the Coen brothers. Cambrian grew up inspired by two excellent teachers – his father, who teaches English at Deerfield Academy, and his mother, who teaches first grade - and therefore is happy to be able to continue this heritage by helping students tackle the SAT.

Sara Laszlo, Duke University, 99th percentile SAT and ACT

Sara grew up in San Diego, California, but moved to the east coast to attend Duke University on a full scholarship, where she studied classics, art history, and music. She graduated summa cum laude in 2010. After working in arts administration for two years, Sara decided to return to school and pursue a career as an opera singer. She completed a Certificate of Merit in classical voice at the New England Conservatory, and now lives in New York City. Sara loves helping students conquer the SAT and ACT is thrilled to work for Veritas Prep.

Geoff Caveney, Yale, 99th percentile SAT

Geoffrey Caveney is a Yale University graduate and a tutor with 10 years experience of proven success in helping young people achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. Whether he is tutoring trigonometry, coaching a high school chess team, or teaching after-school classes, Geoffrey knows how to relate to young people and explain concepts in a way they can understand. Geoffrey’s positive approach and ability to create a fun learning atmosphere are key to helping his students achieve success and meet and exceed their goals. He knows how to bring out the best results in his students with an approach that never stresses them out. Geoffrey has earned the respect and admiration of all the schools, foundations, students and parents with whom he has worked, from Harlem Children’s Zone to Northside College Prep High School.

Luke Verlinsky, UCLA, 99th percentile SAT

Luke Verlinsky was born in Fort Stewart, Georgia, but was raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where he graduated valedictorian at his high school with over a 4.0 GPA. He won the National Merit Scholarship Competition, competed on his high school’s national championship winning robotics team, and was captain of the varsity volleyball team. He matriculated at UCLA as a Regent Scholar, where he studies Biochemistry, plays Ultimate Frisbee, and pursues his passion in art on his spare time, describing himself as “a strict black and white fundamentalist who dabbles in color.” He has been teaching mathematics and the sciences since early high school, and found a sharp interest in tutoring. He fulfills this love for teaching by helping students earn higher scores on their SATs.

Sandra Yan, Brown, 99th percentile SAT

A native Marylander, Sandra recently graduated with a double major in neuroscience and economics from Brown University in 3.5 years. As a member of Brown’s 8-year combined BS/MD program, Sandra is thrilled to be headed back to Brown for medical school and is already mentally preparing herself for the many, many late nights she is sure to encounter on her road to becoming a caring physician. At Brown, she continued her passion for teaching by tutoring math and serving as a teaching assistant for a neuroscience course. She also served in various peer advising roles and worked with adults with developmental disabilities. Sandra currently lives in Boston, where she conducts clinical research.

Emma Chomin, Ohio State University, 99th percentile SAT

A New York native who grew up in Central Ohio, Emma Chomin is a recent graduate of Ohio State University in Columbus. After taking college courses as a high school student, she earned her Bachelor’s in linguistics and gender studies in less than two years while working on multiple research projects and taking graduate courses. During college, she also worked for an education consulting firm and an after-school program in under-served inner-city elementary schools. Beginning in high school, Emma tutored dozens of students in strategies for success on the SAT and other tests.

Mike Ventri, CSU Fullerton, 99th percentile SAT

Born and educated in Southern California, Mike Ventri graduated cum laude from Servite High School Honors Program, receiving the Bausch and Lomb Science Award (and accompanying scholarship) for the top science student. In addition, he received the top scores in the school on a competitive math exam. Favoring a broad-spectrum education, Mike went on to earn Bachelor Degrees in both Physics and Biology, graduating just a few classes shy of a third Bachelor’s in Mathematics. Mike completed numerous units in other academic fields, including psychology, history, geology, philosophy, music, dance, physical education, art, and computer science. This eclectic background served him well in relating to students with differing backgrounds in the variety of teaching environments he has encountered. Traveling, outdoor activities, music, dance, and learning have always been his passions. Carpe Diem.

Madeline Ewbank, Northwestern, 99th percentile SAT

Madeline is an aspiring playwright, chef, journalist, screenwriter, social worker and computer programmer from Seattle, Washington. In high school, she earned perfect scores on her SAT Literature Subject test and her numerous AP exams (winning an AP National Scholar title!). She co-founded an independent teen theater company and interned at her local NPR affiliate, KUOW 94.9. Maddie’s work in radio journalism has received accolades from the Edward R. Murrow Awards, Third Coast Audio Festival and NPR Senior Newscaster Korva Coleman. Currently, Maddie studies film, journalism and Arabic language at Northwestern University. She hopes to pursue a career in documentary work and storytelling, so that she can continue to do what she loves most: learning and educating.

Sooraj Achar, Univ. of Virginia, 99th percentile SAT, Perfect ACT

Sooraj was born in India and loves teaching! He truly values helping a student achieve an academic goal that he/she never expected to reach. Seeing a student blaze through similar problems after just a single lesson really makes him feel like he has made a lasting impact on their mind. Sooraj enjoys teaching the ACT and SAT, as well as Organic Chemistry. He loves to help students understand the unique logic of chemical reactions that governs even the most complex molecular structures. He is excited to be part of the Veritas Prep college team!

Steven Feister, Duke University, 99th percentile SAT

Steven was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD and then attended Duke University graduating in 2012. He tutors because he has a passion for his work. He knew he wanted a career that helps people and education is one of the most rewarding fields one can choose. There is no greater feeling for Steven than when a student figures out a difficult problem. He has tutored in a variety of subjects including Math, English, SAT and GRE. Steven’s teaching philosophy is that the first step for any tutor is to get the students to believe in themselves.

Zeeshan Mallick, U. Penn, 99th percentile SAT

Zeeshan was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, and although he currently resides in Philly, he will forever be loyal to the Bay (and especially In-n-Out). Named both a National Merit Finalist and National AP Scholar in High School, Zeeshan also spent a lot of time in extracurricular activities such as debate and campus ministry. Aside from winning the 2014 California High School Tournament in Policy Debate as a senior, Zeeshan spent extensive time tutoring and teaching through Breakthrough Silicon Valley. Due to his experience with Breakthrough, Zeeshan is currently studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Penn, a degree that he hopes will help him enter into educational policy in the future.

Daniel Tay, Yale University, 99th percentile SAT

Daniel is a New York City native and graduate of Yale University, where he received his BA in Economics. While at Yale, Daniel served as a Teaching Assistant and Peer Tutor in the Department of Computer Science. He was also a recipient of the Richard U. Light Fellowship for his studies in Mandarin Chinese language. He believes that teaching and learning are expressions of the basic human need for mutual understanding. With this in mind, he works with students to cultivate relationships based in clarity, humor, structure, and respect. When away from SAT/ACT instruction, Daniel is a professional actor and avid writer.

Aidan Calvelli, Brown, 99th percentile SAT

Aidan was born in Rochester, NY, and has lived in that snow-filled city for all his life! Currently a freshman at Brown University, Aidan’s favorite aspect of teaching is seeing a student’s eyes light up from the exhilaration of a new discovery. If he had one wish for all students taking the SAT, it would be for them to approach the test in a stress-free way, understanding that with hard work and practice, anyone can succeed on the test!. He loves doing anything that stimulates the mind which is why he enjoys analyzing and perfecting SAT strategies. When Aidan is not deconstructing the SAT, he can be found reading, shooting hoops at the gym, reciting poetry, or doing educational volunteering.

Nick (Tae-Woong) Yang, UC San Diego, 99th percentile SAT

Nick (Tae-woong) Yang was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States at the age of two. He has developed the persona of a proud Californian since then. After graduating high school as a National Merit Finalist and a National AP Scholar, he now attends UC San Diego where he is finishing a double major in Accounting and International Studies with a focus in East Asian Politics. After achieving a 2390 on the SAT (on his first attempt!) Nick now specializes in adopting an unconventional style of teaching the SAT, focusing on student’s challenge areas and perfecting their strengths while keeping the lesson fun.

Connor Puhala, Berklee College of Music, 99th percentile SAT

After graduating high school in Sacramento CA, Connor attended UCLA to study Mechanical Engineering. While there, Connor played for the UCLA Men’s Club Soccer team and was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity. After two years, Connor left UCLA to attend the Berklee College Of Music in Boston MA. There he studied contemporary music production, songwriting, and arts culture. In December 2015 Connor graduated Berklee (magna cum laude) and moved back to Los Angeles. Throughout his journey, Connor has enjoyed teaching and sharing his eclectic academic passion with students of all ages and backgrounds.

Anne Mathews, Harvard, 99th percentile SAT

Anne Mathews grew up in Los Angeles and identifies strongly with her Southern California roots. When she moved to Boston to pursue her bachelor’s in History at Harvard, she missed being able to drive her own car and spend time with her tuxedo cat. But college turned out to be a transformative experience—one that she wouldn’t trade for anything, even those four lost years of In-N-Out Burger. She learned to write and research from brilliant professors, and handled priceless archaeological artifacts from Harvard museum collections. She also made life-long friends and enjoyed her first-ever snow day. If Anne could teach the SAT/ACT to anyone, she would choose the character Kimmy from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Whenever she’s studying for a difficult exam, Anne tries to channel Kimmy’s sense of humor, enthusiasm, and positive attitude. Anne understands that strong standardized test scores open doors, and she’s excited to share strategies for success that will help students achieve their goals.