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Top SAT Tutoring in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is the capital of the United States, but high school students in the area face the same competitive college admissions process as students in any other part of the country. Many juniors and seniors choose to take the SAT to fulfill the standardized testing requirement on their college applications. The SAT enjoys near-universal acceptance, making it possible to apply to a local college such as Georgetown University and a school on the other side of the country using the same score. If you want personalized attention as you prepare for the test, Veritas Prep can refer you to Washington SAT tutors to improve your study efficiency.

There are a total of four sections on the SAT. The first is Reading and consists primarily of reading comprehension questions. Passages are drawn from a broad range of sources, but no prior knowledge of the material is necessary to answer any of the questions. If you could retain more of the information you read, Washington SAT tutors may concentrate on active reading skills such as taking notes as you go along to help you remember everything.

The second section is Writing/Language, with an emphasis on vocab, sentence completions, and grammar. Your tutor may help you make flashcards to teach you new vocabulary words. Alternatively, your tutor may read sentences with an emphasis on grammatical mistakes to help you identify them.

The Math section of the SAT is divided into two subsections, one of which allows the use of approved calculators while the other does not. It may seem like a no-brainer to use the calculator wherever possible, but doing so can actually waste valuable time. You may take practice exams during Washington SAT tutoring sessions to help you develop a sense of the time available to you, helping you budget it accordingly.

Finally, the Essay section is actually optional (though some undergraduate programs mandate it). If you choose to sit for it, you can work on your outlining skills during Washington SAT tutoring sessions to quickly organize your thoughts. You have a total of 50 minutes to write your essay, so you don’t have time to stare at the page trying to remember what you meant to say next.

Washington SAT tutoring sessions take place on your schedule, removing the potential for any annoying conflicts of interest. If you would like to learn more, use the information below to contact an academic advisor today!

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