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Top SAT Tutoring in Oxnard, CA

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Top SAT Tutoring in Oxnard, CA

In preparing for the SAT, you want to have every advantage you can get. Because schools, such as California University - Channel Islands or Thomas Aquinas College, often factor your SAT score into the admissions process, preparing well can make a difference for your application. Veritas Prep offers Oxnard SAT tutoring to give you a personalized learning environment for your SAT preparation.

The SAT is a standardized college entrance exam. The SAT contains three mandatory sections: Math, Writing and Language, and Reading. The Writing and Language section shares a score with the Reading section, even though the sections are separate on the exam. Math is scored on its own. All three mandatory sections ask multiple-choice questions and receive scores from 200 to 800. The SAT also includes an optional Essay section that is graded from 6 to 24. The SAT takes three hours and 50 minutes with the Essay section included, and three hours without it.

One of the hardest parts of preparing for any exam can be finding the time to study. Oxnard SAT tutoring addresses that concern by leveraging the flexibility that online meetings provide. There are Oxnard SAT tutors available at a wide variety of times and you can pick the sessions that fit your schedule. Because you do not have to commute to meet with the tutor, your sessions take place wherever is convenient for you. You can meet at the library, your home, or your favorite tea shop.

Oxnard SAT tutoring is centered on your academic goals. Also, Oxnard SAT tutors know that every person learns differently. As you discuss your goals, you and the tutor can work together on a plan to pursue your goals according to your academic abilities and learning style. Oxnard SAT tutors can help you work on whatever areas of the SAT seem most daunting for you. For example, if you are concerned about the Math portion of the SAT, you and the tutor can do sample problems.The tutor can then give you feedback suited to your needs and abilities. This sort of one-on-one attention allows you to make the most of your time preparing for the SAT.

Oxnard SAT tutoring from Veritas Prep combines easy scheduling with a powerful learning environment to help you prepare as well as possible for the SAT. If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits Oxnard SAT tutoring provides, contact an academic advisor today. Advisors are available online or over the phone.

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