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Top SAT Tutoring in Miami, FL

If you’re a high school student planning to continue your education upon graduation, you’ll likely take an assessment exam such as the SAT in your junior or senior year. The SAT exam measures your preparedness to take on college-level work. Post-secondary admissions committees usually include your SAT score when they are assessing you to determine admission, so getting a good score is important. Veritas Prep has a number of study options that can help you make the most of your study time, the most comprehensive of which is private Miami SAT tutoring.

When you study with a tutor, you can cover all the sections of the SAT. There are three required sections, which are Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. There’s also an optional Essay. Students are allowed 3 hours for the required sections, and an additional 50 minutes for the Essay. The total possible score for the required sections is 800 for Reading, Writing and Language, and 800 for Math. The Essay is scored separately, with a total possible of 24.

One excellent benefit of Miami SAT tutoring is the customizable study options. You can schedule your sessions when it’s convenient. During your sessions, your tutor can gauge your proficiency on all the content found in each section, and develop individualized lesson plans to help you focus on the material you need the most work in. In addition to specific content, Miami SAT tutors can show you useful test-taking strategies to help you use your time most effectively and efficiently during the exam.

When you sign up for Miami SAT tutoring with Veritas Prep, you will receive a variety of study materials, including interactive, prerecorded lessons you can view on demand. You might use these to spend extra time going over lessons that cover your most challenging subjects. Your tutor can help you create dynamic study plans that are adaptable in real time as you demonstrate advancement.

Miami SAT tutors will work with you at your preferred pace, and they can answer your questions as they arise. Whether you plan to apply to top-rated Miami area institutions like the University of Miami or Keiser University, or any other school, the confidence you can gain by receiving one-on-one attention from a professional SAT tutor could give you the leg up you need.

Veritas Prep is excited about helping you work to improve your SAT study plan. Contact an academic advisor today to learn more about private Miami SAT tutoring, and get started.

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