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Top SAT Tutoring in Kansas City, MO

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Top SAT Tutoring in Kansas City, MO

The SAT is an exam many high school students take for the admissions process for colleges like The University of Missouri-Kansas City or Rockhurst University. This time can be stressful, but with Kansas City SAT tutoring through Veritas Prep, you don’t have to study alone. Tutoring is a convenient and flexible option for students with a busy life. Read on to learn more.

The SAT is a standardized exam that tests your readiness for college classes. The exam has four sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Math, and an essay. The essay is optional, though many students decide to take it. The Reading and Writing and Language sections get a combined score of two hundred to eight hundred. The Math section also gets a score of two hundred to eight hundred. The essay is scored from six to twenty-four. The test is three hours and fifty minutes with the essay and three hours without the essay.

With Kansas City SAT tutors, you get a personalized study plan that fits your needs. The study sessions focus only on what you think you need work on. If you have trouble with math, they can spend extra time on math concepts. If you have trouble with reading, they can go over pieces that are like the ones that might be on the SAT. Tutors can also accommodate your particular learning style. You get a tutor that is very knowledgeable on the sections of the exam, which means they can show you the tips and tricks to studying hard. Kansas City SAT tutors work around your schedule, making it easy for anyone to get extra help studying.

Kansas City SAT tutoring can meet live through a platform that is easy to use and understand. On the platform, your tutor can personalize your self-study guide to make you feel more prepared for the exam. Your tutoring package also comes with a self-study course or a live online course depending on which package you choose, which helps you get the most out of your studying.

The SAT can be an important step to higher education. This can cause a lot to be on your mind, but Kansas City SAT tutors can help relieve some stress. Contact Veritas Prep today to get connected to an academic advisor. You can contact them via phone or online. Let us help you with your studying goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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