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Top SAT Tutoring in Houston, TX

High school students in Houston, Texas think about continuing their academic careers at schools like Rice University, the University of Houston, the University of St. Thomas - Texas, and Houston Baptist University. Most students realize that they will need to take a college admissions exam like the SAT to apply to the schools and many others around the country. The SAT is used by admissions offices to try to determine how an applicant may perform in their programs. If you have the SAT coming up, you’ll want to do your best on it, and that means putting together a solid test preparation plan. Veritas Prep is here to help you with that by connecting you with skilled Houston SAT tutoring.

The SAT is a comprehensive standardized exam that assesses your skills in three different sections. There is a Math section, which is broken up into a portion where calculators are allowed and one where they are not allowed, and this makes up 50% of your composite SAT score. There is also a Reading section and a Writing and Language section, and these two combine to make up the other half of your SAT composite score. There is also an SAT Essay section, but this is not mandatory. You should find out if the schools you want to apply to expect an Essay score before you sign up for the test. If you do complete the essay, you get a separate score for it that does not count toward your composite SAT score.

Houston SAT tutoring might be the best way to prepare for the exam. You get to work alongside an expert in test preparation who can teach to your learning style and progress through study at your pace. A tutor focuses on the areas of the exam where you need the most help, making sure you understand a topic that’s on the test or a test-taking strategy before moving on. Houston SAT tutors can assess your capabilities to identify where to concentrate sessions so that you are always working towards your goals.

Houston SAT tutoring is also flexible. Tutors are available at nearly any time, so we can schedule you with someone who can work with you when you’re ready to study. When you work with Houston SAT tutors, you can choose your package, which includes other great Veritas Prep services such as our SAT class or our self-study tools.

If you’re ready to work on your test goals with Houston SAT tutoring, contact Veritas Prep today.

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