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Top SAT Tutoring in Grand Rapids, MI

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Top SAT Tutoring in Grand Rapids, MI

If you are looking to apply to schools in the Grand Rapids area, such as Aquinas College or Davenport University, your SAT score can be a valuable part of your application. Veritas Prep offers easy scheduling and a focus on your needs in its Grand Rapids SAT tutoring. This is an opportunity to help you make the most of your SAT prep.

The SAT is comprised of three main sections. These sections are Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. The Writing and Language section and the Reading section are separate sections but combine for one 200 to 800 point score. Math is also scored from 200 to 800. The three mandatory sections are all in multiple-choice format. In addition to the mandatory sections, there is also an optional Essay section you can take to display your writing ability. The exam takes three hours and 50 minutes to complete with the Essay section included, and three hours without it.

The beauty of Grand Rapids SAT tutoring is that your needs are always the focus. Grand Rapids SAT tutors base your sessions around what you want to learn, and how you prefer to learn. You have access to an expert tutor who can help you with any of the content areas on the SAT. Once you and the tutor have set goals for your time, you can make a plan based on what you what to improve and the way you like to learn. For example, if you struggle in the Reading section, Grand Rapids SAT tutors can assess your existing academic abilities and help improve your reading comprehension based on your learning style. You will get live feedback to help you build your skills and your confidence.

Grand Rapids SAT tutors are available online at a variety of times. Whether you prefer to meet in the morning, afternoon, or evening, there are tutors able to meet with you. Also, all sessions take place online, so you can attend your session anywhere you have an internet connection.

Grand Rapids SAt tutoring from Veritas Prep combines the ease of online learning with the intense personal focus of private tutoring. If you could benefit from tutoring that is focused on your needs and your schedule, contact an academic advisor today. Veritas Prep academic advisors are available online or over the phone, and they can connect you to a tutor who will focus on your needs and your SAT prep goals.

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