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Top SAT Tutoring in Bakersfield, CA

The SAT is the college admissions test of choice throughout the state of California, including the city of Bakersfield. It is a high-stakes test taken by high school juniors and seniors to fulfill the standardized testing requirement on many college applications. If you’ve been considering professional help with your test prep, Veritas Prep can refer you to Bakersfield SAT tutoring to assist in your pursuit of your goals.

There are four sections on the SAT: Reading, Writing/Language, Mathematics, and Essay (Optional). The Reading section consists of reading comprehension questions about provided passages. Passages deal with a variety of subject matters, but students do not need any prior knowledge of the material to answer the questions. If you have a hard time maintaining your concentration while reading, Bakersfield SAT tutors may show you helpful active reading techniques to make it easier to recall the most important points.

The SAT’s Writing/Language section deals with topics such as vocabulary, grammar, and sentence completions. Veritas Prep offers a platform that allows you to meet with your tutor online, allowing them to stress the portions of a sentence that have grammatical errors to make them more noticeable. You may also work with flashcards to improve your vocabulary.

The SAT’s Mathematics section features multiple-choice questions on subjects such as algebra and geometry. It is divided into two halves, one of which allows the unrestricted use of an approved calculator whereas the other does not. It may seem tempting to use the calculator to double-check everything you can, but most students don’t have enough time to use it on every question. You may take practice exams during Bakersfield SAT tutoring sessions to develop a familiarity with how much time you have, helping you budget it effectively.

The SAT’s Essay section is optional, though certain schools may require applicants to submit a score for it. Bakersfield SAT tutors can show you how to outline your thoughts to make it easier to include everything you intended to within the 50-minute time period you have to write.

Your SAT score determines whether you get into your preferred school, whether you wish to stay local at Bakersfield College or travel outside of the state for your education. It only makes sense to work with the experts at Veritas Prep for all of your Bakersfield SAT tutoring needs. If you would like to learn more, please contact an academic advisor using the information on this page for all of the details!

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