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Top SAT Tutoring in Atlanta, GA

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Top SAT Tutoring in Atlanta, GA

If you’re finishing up your last year or two of high school, you’ve probably heard about the SAT exam. Schools like Clark Atlanta University and Emory University use tests like this as part of the college admissions process. In order to better prepare for the exam, you can sign up for Atlanta SAT tutoring sessions. Veritas Prep can connect you with Atlanta SAT tutors who are happy to assist you with comprehending exam concepts.

The SAT is a college admissions exam that includes three sections: Writing and Language, Reading, and Math. (The Math section has two portions: with a calculator and without.) In addition, the test comes with an optional Essay portion. If a student completes the Essay section, they will receive a score ranging between 6 to 24. On the rest of the test, a pupil can get a score between 400 to 1600 with subscores of 200 to 800. Counting the Essay portion, the SAT takes three hours and fifty minutes for one to complete.

Veritas Prep provides Atlanta SAT tutoring programs to assist you in preparing for the test. When you work with any of the Atlanta SAT tutors, you receive access to a professional who’s available when it’s convenient for you. With a flexible schedule, you can enjoy all the benefits private tutoring has to offer.

These tutors conduct lessons in one-on-one environments, making it simple for you to take in information since you’re their only pupil. Your tutor is willing to impart lessons in a way that accommodates your personal learning style. For example, if you need extra help on the Reading section of the exam, and you’re an auditory learner, they can try to help you comprehend a passage better by reading it out loud. Perhaps you just need a confidence booster. They can offer various relaxation techniques to attempt to ease your fears. They understand what you’re going through because they had to study for and take the SAT themselves. With their experience and knowledge, you can obtain helpful tips to better prepare for anything that comes your way.

The tutoring sessions Veritas Prep offers do a great job of mixing individualized teaching and flexible scheduling. If you think that one of our Atlanta SAT tutoring sessions would help you, then feel more than welcome to contact an academic advisor today by email or phone. We’re eager to help you in any way possible.

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