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General SAT Strategies

Students who are planning to take the SAT should know that there are several simple strategies that can be very helpful to them on test day. At Veritas Prep, students get to work with instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the test. In short, our students benefit from learning valuable SAT tips and strategies from instructors with both knowledge and experience. Take a look at some SAT strategies that students can use on the day of the big test.

Don’t Waste Time Puzzling Over Challenging Questions

One of the most important SAT test-taking strategies for students to remember is to skip any especially challenging questions on the test. A student who sits and puzzles over a challenging question will likely waste several minutes without arriving at an answer. It’s a wise idea to skip the question and return to it after finishing the rest of the section. A student may want to put a small mark next to the question so they don’t have to waste time searching for it. The time a student saves in skipping a challenging question can be better utilized later on.

Fill in Answer Bubbles One Page at a Time

Students looking for ways to save time on the test usually find this to be an invaluable SAT strategy. Instead of going back and forth answering individual questions and filling in answer bubbles, a student should quickly circle each answer on a page. After finishing the entire page, a student can go back to darken the circled answer bubbles. It’s amazing how much time a student can save by using this easy technique. Also, a student can keep their focus on answering questions as opposed to filling in answer bubbles. As an extra bonus, a student who fills in all of the answer bubbles, then turns the page, feels a sense of accomplishment that benefits them for the remainder of the test.

Cross Out the Wrong Answers

Crossing out wrong answer options is one of the most helpful test-taking techniques a student can learn. When a student makes a habit of immediately crossing out wrong answer options, they don’t have to constantly review all of the options in search of the correct one. This is one of those SAT strategies that allows a student to complete the test with efficiency.

Learn SAT Instructions Ahead of Time

There are countless students who sit and read the SAT instructions on the day of the test. However, they can utilize their time better by reading the instructions before test day. This benefits students in a couple of ways. For one, they won’t waste valuable test time reading instructions. Secondly, reading the instructions before the day of the test means that a student has the opportunity to absorb what is expected of them. In reality, a student who reads the instructions on the day of the test will likely be anxious to begin the test and may not pay close attention to what is being communicated in the instructions.

Take a Practice Test

In our online SAT prep courses, we suggest that students take a free SAT practice test from The College Board. The results of this test help a student and their instructor to gauge the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the student in regard to the SAT. This test serves as an excellent starting point for SAT study. Also, the test results help an instructor know which SAT test strategies would prove most useful to the student.

Our experts at Veritas Prep provide students with the tips and resources they need to approach the SAT with a sense of confidence!