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How to Study for SAT Subject Tests - Test Prep and Tips Per Subject

What is the SAT Subject Test? This test is another option for college-bound students to consider along with the SAT. Test subjects include English, History, Math, Science, and languages. These tests give students the chance to display their skills in specific subjects to college admissions officers. For students who plan to take an AP exam, they should also take the respective SAT Subject Test. Preparing for the AP exam will provide a substantial level of knowledge to tackle the SAT Subject Test. Naturally, a student who wants to take an SAT Subject Test will want to prepare. Consider some information that can help a student learn how to study for SAT Subject Tests.

General Guidelines for Study

For students taking SAT Subject Tests, practice tests are a must! Practice tests give students the opportunity to become familiar with the type of material on a test as well as its format. Students can work on their timing and begin to build a sense of confidence regarding their test-taking skills.


Literature is the main topic of the SAT Subject Test in English. Students should practice identifying various themes of classic novels to prepare for this SAT test. Subjects including tone, use of language, and imagery all play a role in the questions on this test. It’s a good idea for students to review the classics to refresh their memory on various plot lines and details.


The two topics in this category are U.S. history and world history. One of the ways for students to get in some SAT Subject Test practice here is to read about specific events in history. For instance, students may want to read about the Great Depression or the Civil War. It can help a student to read in-depth history books and articles. The local library is one of the most valuable resources for a student who is studying for this history test.


This SAT Subject Test features two levels of mathematics. One level tests a student’s algebra and geometry skills. Level two builds on the material covered in level one and adds trigonometry and pre-calculus to the equation. One tip is to study mathematics terminology. In addition, when it comes to these SAT Subject Tests, practice with using mathematical formulas can help a student to solve a variety of equations.


There are several topics that fall under the category of science. The topics are biology (both ecological and molecular), chemistry, and physics. One SAT Subject Test prep tip to keep in mind is to take the time to read the entire question. This tip is especially important to remember on the biology test. Students can get into this habit by taking several practice tests. Sometimes a word or phrase within a question can offer a clue as to the correct answer. A student who skims a biology question and races to the answer choices may be doing themselves a disservice. Another study strategy is to practice answering each biology question in 48 seconds or less. Spending too much time on one question can leave a student with little to no time left near the end of the testing session. For the chemistry test, it’s a good idea to memorize terminology used in organic chemistry.This knowledge can help a student to better understand various questions. Students taking the SAT Subject Test in physics should scan the multiple-choice questions and answer the easiest ones right away. It’s also useful to cross out the answer options that are obviously wrong.


French, Spanish, German, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are the languages found on these SAT subject tests. A student who wants to take an SAT Subject Test on a particular language should memorize basic and advanced vocabulary words. Reading and writing sentences is effective SAT Subject Test practice for a student who plans to take a language exam. If a student opts for an exam that involves listening, such as the Korean with Listening test, they should spend lots of study time listening to language DVDs with the purpose of understanding every word that is spoken.

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