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SAT Subject Test in Spanish Classes Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in Spanish Classes Near Me

If you’ve been looking up SAT Subject Test in Spanish classes, Veritas Prep can help you connect with a great source for test prep. We strive to help students as they work on their academic and testing skills. As the test approaches, you may be concerned about how you can study for the exam. You may benefit from the SAT Subject Test in Spanish class services from Veritas Prep.

The SAT Subject Test in Spanish may provide colleges insight into your ability to succeed in college-level Spanish courses. Some schools may allow you to use this exam to test out of intro-level Spanish courses or even fulfill a basic language competency requirement. You can choose to take the Spanish or Spanish with Listening exams, though the latter is only offered in November. If you’re preparing for this test, you likely know what you’re in for, but let’s refresh your memory.

The exam is 33% reading comprehension, 33% paragraph completion, and 33% vocabulary and structure. Reading questions focus on text from a variety of resources, such as magazine articles, historical pieces, letters, and advertisements. You’ll need to be able to identify key points of these passages, like tone, theme, and spatial settings. If you opt to take the Spanish with Listening version, you’ll play a Spanish-speaking CD and answer questions about it during the Listening section.

An SAT Spanish class may give you the additional time and support that you need to feel confident as you enter the testing room. Hone your skills through online preparation. You may need to work on your understanding of basic idioms, as well as when they are contextually appropriate. You may be able to build your recall skills by reviewing vocabulary words. You’ll need to have solid time management skills to complete the 85-question exam within the one-hour time frame.

SAT Spanish test prep may include preparation for the listening section to allow you time to build your understanding of the spoken language. This section tests your ability to accurately identify what someone is talking about, as well as your conversational and comprehension abilities.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Veritas Prep to learn more about our SAT Spanish classes and what they have to offer! Just give us a call or fill out the form on this page to work with an academic advisor. They can answer your questions, as well as tell you more about our services and help you sign up.

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