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SAT Subject Test in Latin Prep Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in Latin Prep Near Me

Veritas Prep offers SAT Subject Test in Latin preparation services for all kinds of students. Have you been studying Latin for two or more years, either through your high school or another language program? If so, doing well on the Latin subject test gives you the chance to let the colleges you’re applying to know your level of proficiency with the language. This can have a positive impact on your application process whether you’re planning to major or minor in Latin, or study in one of the many other fields that make use of Latin, such as science, math, legal, or logic, among others.

Taking advantage of SAT Latin prep assistance through Veritas Prep can help you in all topics that will be tested during the exam. About 5% of the test focuses on derivatives and 30% on Latin grammar and syntax. The rest of the test, about 65%, tests your skills in translation and reading comprehension. Specifically, the reading comprehension section provides you with three to five prose passages and one or two poetry passages. You’re given 60 minutes to complete the entire exam, which consists of 70-75 multiple-choice questions. You can earn a final score between 200 and 800.

Requesting professional help for your SAT Latin prep shows not only your dedication to doing well on the exam, but also your good judgement. Part of learning to do well on the Latin test is learning its structure and being taught things like strategies to help you manage your time so you can answer all the questions or understand how questions are worded.

One of the ways Veritas Prep can help you is by linking you with SAT Subject Test in Latin tutoring. Working with a private tutor gives you access to the most personally relevant guidance possible. Your tutor can first assess exactly where you are with each kind of question on the exam and then design customized lessons giving proportionate focus to each area you find challenging. SAT Latin tutors can also track your improvement on a regular basis, and adjust your future lessons accordingly.

The SAT Latin test can be daunting, especially if you face it alone. That’s why Veritas Prep provides support for all kinds of students through our SAT Subject Test in Latin prep options. Contact an academic advisor today to set yourself on the right path. We look forward to helping you as you strive to reach your goals.

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