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SAT Subject Test in Latin Courses Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in Latin Courses Near Me

Veritas Prep offers SAT Subject Test in Latin courses that can help you develop an effective study plan to cover the material. Latin is the foundation for all Western languages, and if you’ve been learning it for at least a couple of years, you should let the colleges you’re applying to know about it. Many SAT subject tests are helpful for a few particular majors, but knowing Latin is valuable in any course of study you choose. Let your SAT Latin score improve your application so it stands out to college admissions committees. But first, prepare effectively for the test to improve your chances of receiving an admirable score.

If you’re wondering what the SAT Latin subject test is like, this overview should be useful. The test consists of 70-75 multiple-choice questions, and you have one hour to complete it, earning a score between 200 and 800. There are three main topics covered on the exam. Derivatives make up 5% of the questions, while grammar and syntax make up 30% of them. The majority of the test, 65%, tests your abilities in translation and reading comprehension. The reading comprehension questions are based on three to five prose passages, and one or two poetry readings.

Specific skills you’ll be able to demonstrate on the test include your ability to select the grammatically correct form of Latin words, provide the Latin roots of various English words, complete sentences in Latin, and express thoughts in more than one way using correct Latin grammar and vocabulary. You can build your confidence in all of these subjects and more when you sign up for Veritas Prep’s SAT Latin course.

Latin has long been a part of a classical education, but in the 1960s, it went out of favor during a time of widespread rejection of traditional values. In the past decade or so, more and more students have taken SAT Latin courses. You may be surprised to know that one of the many reasons for this is the popularity of the Harry Potter series of books, which make wide and varied use of Latin terms. While popular culture may drive interest in Latin, once you begin learning it, you realize how many Latin words you already use in your everyday life.

Connecting with Veritas Prep to learn more about the SAT Subject Test in Latin course is easy. Academic advisors are waiting to hear from you to answer your questions and get you signed up for your SAT Latin course today.

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