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SAT Subject Test in German with Listening Prep Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in German with Listening Prep Near Me

There are many good reasons for your student to take their SAT Subject Test in German with Listening prep seriously. Certain undergraduate programs may use the exam to determine whether a student has the academic skills necessary to work with the language at a college level. Other programs may use the score for course placement, or even award college credit if your student performs well enough. Veritas Prep offers a comprehensive collection of SAT German with Listening preparation resources to help the student in your life feel more comfortable heading into the exam.

The first step in SAT German with Listening prep is understanding the structure of the test. The SAT Subject Test in German with Listening consists of two sections: Listening (35% of a student’s total score) and Reading (65%). Each is further subdivided into smaller subsections.

The exam’s Listening section is divided into Type One and Type Two. Type One consists of short dialogues or monologues followed by one or two multiple-choice questions. The questions are both spoken aloud and printed in the test booklet. Type Two consists of longer dialogues and monologues followed by multiple questions. The questions are only spoken, while the answer choices only appear in the test booklet. Students have a total of 20 minutes for the whole section.

Similarly, the test’s Reading section is broken into three subsections: Vocabulary in Context, Structure in Context, and Reading Comprehension. The Vocabulary in Context subsection measures a test-taker’s knowledge of common German words and idioms within their proper context. SAT German with Listening tutors may use flashcards to help a pupil increase their German vocabulary.

The exam’s Structure in Context subsection assesses a test-taker’s command of German language conventions. Students are required to select a grammatically correct word or phrase for the blank provided. Finally, the Reading Comprehension component of the test measures a student’s understanding of written German, with special emphasis on the main idea, supporting ideas, themes, and settings. Passages are drawn from a myriad of sources, including fiction, essays, history, newspapers, magazines, and advertisements.

SAT German with Listening prep can take many forms, including private tutoring. Private tutors afford students the luxury of studying at their own pace, glossing over easy concepts to spend more time on an individual’s unique areas of opportunity. If you would like Veritas Prep to connect you with professional SAT German with Listening tutoring or are interested in the other services we offer, please reach out to an academic advisor using the information below today!

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