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SAT Subject Test in German with Listening Courses Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in German with Listening Courses Near Me

If you’re looking for an SAT Subject Test in German with Listening course, Veritas Prep offers something for you. The SAT Subject Tests are standardized examinations that zone in on a specific academic discipline in order to give colleges and universities a sense of how ready an applicant is to work with that subject at an undergrad level. Some programs utilize SAT Subject Test scores for course placement purposes, and may even award credit for completing an introductory class if the score is high enough. Needless to say, an SAT German with Listening course could prove to be a valuable investment in your future.

While you’re probably already familiar with the test’s basic structure, it never hurts to review it again. The exam is split into two sections: a Listening section worth 35 percent of your total grade and a Reading section worth 65%. Students have 20 minutes for the Listening section and 40 minutes for the Reading section.

The Listening section is broken into two parts: Type One and Type Two. Type One is categorized by shorter listening passages followed by one or two questions, while Type Two passages are longer and followed by more questions. If you have a hard time comprehending spoken German, looking for ways to hear it more often may help it feel more natural to you.

Likewise, the Reading section of the SAT Subject Test in German with Listening is broken into three subsections: Vocabulary in Context, Structure in Context, and Reading Comprehension. The test’s Vocabulary in Context component measures a test-taker’s knowledge of German words and figures of speech within their proper cultural context.

The exam’s Structure in Context subsection assesses a test-taker’s command of German language conventions. One of the best ways to develop an ear for the mechanics of a foreign language is to hear and read it as often as possible, so you may wish to consider consuming German media to increase your familiarity with the language. Our SAT German with Listening course includes some German resources you might use for this purpose.

Finally, the test’s Reading Comprehension subsection assesses your ability to understand German-language reading passages. Passages may be drawn from a variety of source materials, including schedules, ads, fiction, essays, and historical works. You are responsible for identifying the main and supporting ideas within a particular piece, as well as its theme and setting.

If you feel that you may need a boost to reach for your academic potential, Veritas Prep offers SAT German with Listening courses to improve your study efficiency. Reach out to an academic advisor today for more information!

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