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SAT Subject Test in German Prep Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in German Prep Near Me

SAT Subject Test in German preparation is an important part of getting ready to take your exam. Your score can provide a lot of information to college admissions offices. Your readiness and proficiency in the subject can determine what course level you can start at, or maybe earn you some college credits. Preparing for the exam can be a challenge, but SAT Subject Test in German prep is available. An academic advisor at Veritas Prep can get you set up with tutoring, courses, and other options that may work best for you.

The SAT Subject Test in German is 60 minutes long. Its 80-85 questions challenge your knowledge of words, parts of speech, grammar, and vocabulary. While taking the exam, you will have to identify words in context and those that are grammatically correct in a sentence. Comprehension of longer paragraphs is necessary as well.

While reading passages, you’ll need to understand the main points and supporting ideas, themes and settings; reading materials range from historical works to essays, fiction, advertisements, magazines, and newspapers. Reading comprehension accounts for about 50% of the exam.

Passages are presented in varying levels of difficulty, in different styles and types of literature. Main ideas and facts are embedded in content that is one or two paragraphs long. Your performance will be scored from 200-800 points.

One of the options Veritas Prep offers is SAT Subject Test in German tutoring. Working one-on-one with a tutor provides an opportunity for your tutor to assess your skill level and customize lessons around your needs. Tutors can focus on individual concepts and test your ability to apply what you know. Personalized study plans can fill in any learning gaps and focus on exactly what you need to understand. Helpful and flexible, SAT Subject Test in German tutors can meet online at a time that works best for you.

Tutors can cover the format of the exam and focus on your test-taking abilities, or on your study skills, to help you become more efficient at learning. The tutoring sessions can help you develop your reading comprehension and fluency, so you are prepared to answer the types of questions presented on the test.

Contact an academic advisor today, online or by phone, to learn more about how you can benefit from SAT Subject Test in German prep. Veritas Prep can help you prepare for this important test and help build your confidence leading up to it as well.

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