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SAT Subject Test in English Prep Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in English Prep Near Me

If your student is preparing for the college admissions process, you might want to look into SAT Subject Test in English prep. The SAT Subject Tests are utilized by some colleges and universities throughout the country to determine whether prospective students have the skills necessary for undergraduate-level work in a specific subject area. Certain programs may also use them to place a student in the proper class or even to award college credit if a student demonstrates mastery of the material. With so much on the line, professional SAT Subject Test English preparation from Veritas Prep could make a lot of sense for your needs!

The first part of SAT English test prep is understanding the structure of the exam. Test-takers have one hour to answer approximately 60 multiple-choice questions based on provided reading passages. Each passage has its own set of questions, and students may expect anywhere from 6-8 different passages to work with. The test is scored on the traditional multiple-choice SAT scale, 200-800.

One of the hallmarks of the SAT Subject Test in English is the sheer diversity of its reading passages. The test is generally split evenly between American and British works, though past exams have also featured authors from Canada, India, Australia, and other English-speaking nations. Likewise, material is drawn from a variety of time periods: 40% from the 20th century, 30% from the 18th and 19th centuries, and 30% from the Renaissance and 17th century. No historical knowledge is necessary to answer any of the questions on the exam, but a basic familiarity may help a student comprehend a piece.

The SAT Subject Test in English tends to emphasize certain literary concepts. Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of basic literary terminology (irony, stanza, etc.), overall meaning, form (structure, genre), language use (metaphor, imagery), vocabulary, narrative voice, and characterization.

SAT Subject Test in English tutoring is one way students might approach test prep. If the student in your life could retain more of what they read, SAT Subject Test in English tutors may review active reading techniques such as note-taking to help them remember the most important points. Tutoring is also flexible, allowing your student to study whenever is most convenient for you.

English can be a difficult subject to prepare for, but SAT English subject test prep from Veritas Prep could equip your student with the study skills they need to reach for their academic potential. Contact an academic advisor by phone or online today for further information!

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