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SAT Subject Test in Chemistry Courses Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in Chemistry Courses Near Me

If you have been looking into SAT Subject Test in Chemistry courses, Veritas Prep offers some of best test prep in the business. Many colleges and universities use the SAT Subject Tests for consideration of admission into programs placing a heavy emphasis on a particular subject, to help place students in classes they are ready for, or even to award college credit so that a student may skip an introductory-level class.

You’re probably already familiar with the SAT Subject Test in Chemistry if you’ve been looking into SAT Chemistry test courses, but reviewing the exam’s basic structure is never a bad idea. The exam consists of 85 multiple-choice questions that students have up to 60 minutes to complete. It’s scored on a scale from 200-800, just like a multiple-choice section on the standard SAT.

The SAT Subject Test in Chemistry covers a variety of different topics, including the Structure of Matter (roughly a quarter of all questions), States of Matter (16 percent), Thermochemistry (six percent), Descriptive Chemistry (12%), and Equilibrium/Reaction Rates (5%). Each topic may be further divided into the concepts they cover. For instance, “Descriptive Chemistry” covers common elements, elemental properties, nomenclature of ions and compounds, chemistry in the environment, predicting the results of chemical reactions, and simple organic compounds.

Some students may find it beneficial to break the SAT Subject Tests down into the skills it measures rather than the individual topics it covers. On average, the fundamental concepts of chemistry comprise about one-fifth of the test, with the application of knowledge representing 45 percent of the test’s questions. The remainder of the exam covers the synthesis of knowledge (35%).

Chemistry is a subject that requires a working understanding of other subjects in order to understand. For example, scientific notation will not make sense if a student does not know how exponents work.

An SAT Subject Test in Chemistry course may help students develop more effective study skills as they prepare for the exam. Working through sample questions may help your student develop a sense of what to expect from the test, potentially improving their self-confidence. Likewise, practice may help them develop the time management strategies necessary to complete the entire test within the allotted time frame.

Chemistry is not an easy subject, but Veritas Prep’s SAT Chemistry test courses may help a student feel more prepared heading into the exam. Academic advisors are currently available to address any further questions you have, so please reach out by phone or online today for more information!

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