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SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M Prep Near Me

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SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M Prep Near Me

Veritas Prep provides SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M preparation to help you get ready for the exam by developing your test-taking and study skills. As high school students prepare for the test and near the time for college application, they may develop trepidations that can affect their exam performance. With SAT Biology E/M test prep, various challenges can be addressed in advance of the exam, from brushing up on key topics to building your confidence ahead of test day, so you can show college admissions personnel you’re ready to take on college-level biology courses, and what course level you should start at.

The SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M is used to assess your knowledge of fundamental concepts, which accounts for 30% of your exam score. Application of these skills accounts for an additional 35%, while interpretation of data is approximately 35% of the exam. The total score is calculated from 200 to 800 points. You have 60 minutes to complete 80 multiple choice questions, which will test your understanding of cellular and microbiology and related topics such as cell structure and organization, photosynthesis, enzymes, and cellular respiration. The exam also assesses your fundamental understanding of ecology, genetics, organismal biology (the structure, function, and development of organisms), and evolution and diversity.

Our SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M prep options include tutoring. Working directly with a tutor can hone your skills such as recalling and understanding major biology principles, understanding and applying algebraic concepts (you’ll be required to be familiar with the metric system of units), solving word problems, and interpreting data in graphic or tabular format. SAT Biology E/M test tutors can assess your current abilities and develop a customized study plan with focused lessons to help fill in any gaps in understanding. SAT Subject Test – Biology E/M tutoring is flexible, meaning it can take place at a most convenient time to work around your schedule.

Whether you are a student looking to prepare for the Biology E/M exam or a parent seeking test prep options for your student, Veritas Prep is here to help with SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M prep services. The exam can be challenging for a student not familiar with its content or format. With the right support, your student can head into the test more confident in their abilities. Feel free to contact an academic advisor online or by phone for a more in-depth explanation of our services and to sign up today.

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