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99th Percentile Instructors

Each of our SAT instructors has scored in the top 1%, has a passion for teaching, and rates high with students.

Proven Strategies

We use official SAT problems and emphasize the upper end of difficulty, which leads to increased confidence and higher scores on test day.

Guaranteed Success

All the tools are here. Add in the right amount of student commitment, and we guarantee an increase of at least 200 points. Or your money back.


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Live SAT Classes

The most convenient and effective way to keep students engaged.

The SAT test prep classes offered by Veritas Prep challenge you in a way that can help you reach past your previous limits. Classes take place online and are led by experienced, dynamic SAT instructors who themselves achieved an SAT score in the top 1% of all test takers.

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Top Instructors & Advanced Instruction

Get results with a high-tech, high-touch approach.

Students who participate learn more. That’s why we’ve developed a highly engaging virtual classroom using state-of-the-art tools. And it’s why we hire instructors who truly engage with students. The result is everyone gets involved—even those students too shy to raise their hands.

Our All-Inclusive SAT Package

Only $899 (valued at $2,300)

The Veritas Prep All-Inclusive Package gives you the tools needed to master the SAT and the college admissions process. All classes come with access to Veritas Prep On Demand, a series of pre-recorded SAT lessons--hosted by graduates of Yale and Brown--that supplement classroom learning while giving students the opportunity to review any SAT concept at any time. Tap into the experience and proven approach of our expert instructors. Engage with the material in our interactive classroom. Then, leverage our College Admissions Essentials course for help "getting in."

What’s included:

  • 25 hours of live SAT classes (over 10 lessons), with each lesson recorded to review afterward
  • A 99th-percentile, experienced instructor dedicated to your success on the SAT
  • A +200 point increase, guaranteed*
  • The Official SAT Study Guide, featuring 8 full-length practice tests
  • Live Online Office Hours - 2 hours a day that provides personalized advice or live support for homework and practice tests

You’ll also receive:

  • 25 hours of prerecorded Veritas Prep SAT On Demand lessons ($499 value for free)
  • College Admissions Essentials Course, a five-session live course for the whole family led by a former college admissions officers from elite schools like Princeton and Yale ($399 value for free)
  • 10 hours of Veritas Prep's ACT On Demand Video Course to help you with prepping for the ACT as well ($499 value for free)
  • Conquering the SAT, our proprietary book covering everything you need to know to maximize your score

Additional Extras

Foundations of SAT Logic

SAT and ACT HD Video Library ($998) FREE

  • Anywhere, anytime access to elite instruction
  • Full-length courses taught by 99th-percentile instructors
  • Videos are broken down into chapters for easy reference
  • 10 SAT HD video lessons
  • 10 ACT HD video lessons
  • 12 months of access
Ivy-League College building

College Admissions Consulting ($399) FREE

The five-part College Admissions Essentials course is led by former admissions officers from top schools (including Princeton, Yale, and Georgetown). The course leads students and parents through all aspects of the application process including strategies for school selection, the personal statement and other essays, financial aid and college scholarships, and more. Learn admissions from the admissions office’s perspective.

VP SAT Instructor
Sylvia, Ivy League Admissions Expert

Your Admissions Essentials Instructor

Sylvia is an admissions expert with over a decade of experience working with top universities and students from all over the world. She has worked for Princeton University Admissions and has evaluated both international and US applications. She has also served as Director of Enrollment for Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, recruiting students for programs at sixteen universities, including the University of Michigan. As an admissions consultant, Sylvia has helped students get into top schools ranking from Princeton, to Johns Hopkins, to UCLA, Texas, and Purdue.

200 Point Guarantee

Our expert tutors and diagnostic tools will improve your score by at least 200 points, guaranteed.*

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Alexis B

Seattle, WA

Thanks to Veritas Prep, I earned a 270 point increase on the SAT!

Antonio K

Philadelphia, PA

Had it not been for Veritas Prep, I could not have gotten into Boston University, Duke, Brown, and UPenn!

Subhani K

New York, NY

I attribute my success on the SAT largely to Veritas Prep. They helped me reach my score goal.

Our students have been admitted to:

Harvard University
Duke University
Stanford University
Yale University
Dartmouth College
Brown University
Princeton University
Vanderbilt University
Northeastern University
Cornell University

Veritas Prep 200-point SAT Score Guarantee

We’re so confident that the Veritas Prep SAT course will maximize your SAT score that we’ll stand by it with a 200-point improvement guarantee. To qualify for this full refund, you need to:

  • Attend every lesson of your SAT course and stay for at least 2 hours of it.
  • Attend at least one Live Online Office Hours session.
  • Take at least three practice tests before test day.
  • Have a starting score of 1250 or less; if you start with a score of 1260 or better, we guarantee that you’ll score at least 1450.
  • Submit pre-course and post-course official SAT scores demonstrating that your score did not improve to the guaranteed level. Your post-course score must be from an examination within 30 days of your last class, and must be submitted within 14 days of the score release date.

SAT Prep Courses - Learn More

A student’s SAT score is often the most important piece of their college application. While grade point averages can vary wildly based on schools, teachers, course selection, and other factors, colleges can look at SAT scores and know that each student took the same SAT test under the same conditions on the same SAT scoring scale. This allows them to more directly compare students’ college preparedness. For this reason, a high SAT score can open doors to college scholarships, honors programs, and acceptance to prestigious universities, while a lower SAT score may be the reason that a student is not admitted or placed on a college admissions waitlist. While many factors are also very important in the college admissions process--grade point average and extracurricular activities, for example--the SAT is the single biggest opportunity for a high school junior or senior to make a giant leap toward their academic future.

Because the SAT can put so much pressure on a single day’s performance, it is important for students to be properly prepared. Remember: you take the SAT on one day, but effective SAT preparation generally takes several weeks, if not months. While it is intended to be a test of how prepared a student is for college, in most cases the SAT is even more a test of a student’s ability to prepare for the SAT itself. Fortunately, Veritas Prep has an expert-led SAT prep course that can help students master SAT skills and strategies and be confident in their ability to maximize their SAT score on test day.

Discovering the SAT

The SAT has sections on Reading, Writing, and Math, as well as an optional Essay section. The exam is scored on a 1600-point scale, with the SAT Reading and Writing measures combining for a score up to 800, and the SAT Math measure representing the other 800 possible points. The essay score is calculated separately and does not impact a student’s total SAT score out of 1600.

On test day, students will face the SAT Reading section first. SAT Reading consists of 52 questions over five reading passages, with 65 minutes to complete the section. Of the five SAT Reading passages a student will see, two will be science-themed, one will be from the genre of social studies (e.g. economics, sociology, psychology), one will be a piece of literature, and one will be a “great global conversation” piece (e.g. a section of a United States founding document or landmark speech in U.S. or world history). In addition to reading, students should be prepared to interpret tables and graphs on the SAT Reading section.

Next, students will face the SAT Writing and Language section, a 35-minute, 44-question section spanning four written passages. This section tests grammar, rhetoric, writing style, and logic. Like the SAT Reading section, the SAT Writing and Language section also contains charts, tables, and graphs.

The next two sections comprise the SAT Math measure. First students will see a 25-minute, 20-question No Calculator math section. Notably, the questions on this section do not require the use of a calculator so students should not be alarmed, but this is a section worthy of some specific SAT math preparation so that students are ready to tackle it without their trusty calculator. The SAT Math sections heavily prize algebra skills, along with questions on geometry, word problems, arithmetic, and basic trigonometry.

The following SAT Math section permits students to use a calculator, and spans 38 questions in 55 minutes. On each of the two SAT Math sections, most questions are multiple choice (select one correct answer out of four possibilities) but there are 13 total SAT math questions that are “grid-ins,” or questions for which students have to supply the correct answer themselves with no multiple choice (and then bubble in the numerals corresponding to their answer).

Finally, the fifth section of the SAT is the optional essay, for which students will have 50 minutes to write an essay analyzing an author’s argument. Importantly, the SAT essay is a very particular assignment in which the goal is to analyze someone else’s argument, not for the student to persuade a reader of his or her own point of view. Before sitting for the SAT essay, it is helpful for a student to prepare by writing a handful of these essays to fully embrace and understand the unique format.

Signing Up For SAT Preparation

If an SAT prep course with Veritas Prep sounds like the right choice for your student, please contact Veritas Prep to register for a course or for SAT tutoring. Academic advisors are available by phone to help you decide which class is right for you. College admissions test prep classes from Veritas Prep could be what you’ve been searching for to take your exam preparation to new heights.