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Top SAT Prep in Winston, NC

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Top SAT Prep in Winston, NC

Taking the time to prepare for the SAT can greatly improve your chances of earning the score you need to earn admittance to the school of your choice. If you’re applying to top area schools such as Wake Forest University or Winston-Salem University, you should know that a high SAT score can make your application more attractive to admissions professionals. Veritas Prep offers a suite of Winston SAT preparation options to help equip you to do your best on test day.

The SAT is made up of three mandatory sections and one optional essay. Required are multiple-choice sections on Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. You’re allowed 3 hours to take the required sections. The highest score possible on these sections is 1600. Students who opt to take the Essay section have an additional 50 minutes to complete their writing, which is then scored separately with a possible high score of 24.

One form of Winston SAT prep is a self-guided course offered by Veritas Prep. Pre-recorded, interactive video lessons are available on demand from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The Winston SAT course gives you access to these lessons plus additional study materials, including homework guides and practice tests, so you can keep track of what you’ve learned and still need to study. Live homework help is also available, so you’re not really alone in your efforts.

If the familiarity of a classroom format makes you more comfortable, you can choose to attend live Winston SAT classes online. You get the same study materials as with the course, plus instruction by someone who earned a top SAT score. Tips and advice are given based on relevant, practical experience. All the content on the SAT is covered, providing comprehensive Winston SAT prep. You can even choose sessions offered when it best fits your schedule.

Winston SAT tutoring is available to give students excellent, one-on-one attention based on their preferences, schedule, and goals. Winston SAT tutors provide immediate feedback and can personalize instruction to build a student’s skills and confidence. This is a good study option for students who need to focus in on an especially challenging portion of the SAT in great detail.

At Veritas Prep, we understand that different students have different needs. That’s why we have developed various SAT study options. You can contact an academic advisor today to discuss the different options. They can provide guidance as to which test prep package might be right for you and get you signed up. We look forward to hearing from you.

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