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Top SAT Prep in Wichita, KS

As you begin the last years of high school, you’re probably thinking about which colleges or universities you want to attend. Whether you’re thinking of highly rated nearby schools like Newman University or Wichita State University, or a school further away, you can show their admissions boards that you’re ready to begin college-level work by scoring high on an assessment exam like the SAT. Veritas Prep can help you make the most of your Wichita SAT preparation time no matter what type of learning environment you like best.

The SAT consists of three required sections that cover Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. You can receive a maximum score of 1600 combined on these multiple-choice sections. You can also take the option Essay section, on which you can earn a score up to 24. The entire exam takes 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete.

If you like independent study, you can sign up for a Wichita SAT course. Rather than attending a class, you’ll have access to interactive video lessons on demand, along with lesson guidebooks and study plans. You can study in an organized way, and use the practice tests you also receive to gauge your improvement and plan your next steps. This is an excellent Wichita SAT prep choice for self-starters.

You could also sign up for a Wichita SAT class, which you attend online through a virtual classroom. You receive all the study materials from the SAT course, plus attend lessons taught by a knowledgeable instructor who provides comprehensive coverage of all SAT content. Taking advantage of this Wichita SAT prep option can fit into your schedule because you can choose between multiple sections that are available at different times.

If personal encouragement and guidance based on your unique needs sounds good, you can sign up for private Wichita SAT tutoring. You’ll still have access to the study materials, plus you’ll have a dedicated tutor to help you work through the lessons and study guides. Wichita SAT tutors can customize your lessons to meet any needs. They can chart your progress and adapt each lesson accordingly. Your tutor may also demonstrate test-taking strategies so you can feel confident on test day.

Veritas Prep is excited to offer many choices for your Wichita SAT prep. Every student should receive relevant, effective help when studying for an exam as important to their future as the SAT. Contact us now to speak with an academic advisor and learn more about your options.

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