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Top SAT Prep in Washington, DC

In the Washington, DC area, there are a variety of excellent postsecondary institutions that high school students and others who aspire for college degrees can attend. Georgetown, George Washington University, American University, nearby schools like Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia, and more pepper the landscape of the DC region to offer a plethora of degree opportunities. If you’d like to attend one of these schools, you may already know that many colleges and universities throughout the country want students to turn in their score from the SAT or ACT when they apply for admission. If you’re planning to sit for the SAT, you should prepare in advance since the results could have an impact on your future. For help with making sure you get the right kind of preparation, Veritas Prep brings you several options for Washington, DC SAT preparation. You can talk to our academic advisors or continue reading below to find out more about these services.

The SAT is an assessment that college admissions offices often look at to try to figure out how an applicant might do in degree programs at their school. The test devotes half of its focus to the Math section. The other half is split amongst English language arts disciplines with the Reading section and the Writing and Language section. These sections combine for a composite SAT score between 400 and 1600. There is also an optional Essay section that students can opt into for a separate score.

Veritas Prep’s Washington, DC SAT prep options start with our self-study courses. You get video lessons streaming on-demand that interact with the lesson guides. You also get live homework help if you need help with practice problems as you work through your Washington, DC SAT course.

A Washington, DC SAT class puts you with an instructor and classmates in an online classroom. You’ll get 25 hours of in-depth SAT instruction over 5 weeks to learn about each section on the SAT and the topics the exam covers. This option also comes with the self-study course resources.

Washington, DC SAT tutoring lets you study with an expert test prep instructor at your side. A tutor can help you focus on where you can most improve. Washington, DC SAT tutors can develop a study plan that ensures you are always working on the things that can help you get the most out of the exam.

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