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Top SAT Prep in Spokane, WA

The SAT is an important standardized exam taken by many high school students getting ready for college. There are four sections covering Reading, Writing and Language, Math, and the optional Essay. Spokane-area students can use their SAT scores as part of their application to area schools such as Gonzaga University and Whitworth University, among others. If you’re getting ready to take the SAT, Veritas Prep can help. We offer several Spokane SAT prep options that might appeal to you.

For the most flexible and independent option, sign up for a self-guided Spokane SAT course. You have access to pre-recorded, interactive video lessons to watch on demand from any device and any location. You also receive a number of study aids, like lesson guides and a parent’s guide. You can use these to reinforce what you learn in each lesson, gauge your progress, and determine your additional study needs. This independent Spokane SAT prep even allows you regular access to live homework help when you need it.

Another option is the Spokane SAT class, in which you attend a virtual classroom over the Internet. The class is taught live by an expert instructor, and you can interact with the teacher and your peers during class. You have access to everything provided with the self-study course, so you can fine-tune your studies by watching extra lessons on content you find challenging. This is a good Spokane SAT prep option for students who are comfortable in a classroom setting.

The most intensive study option provided by Veritas Prep is private Spokane SAT tutoring. If you know you need a lot more help in one section and less in others, you can count on your tutor to customize your study schedule to meet your needs. If you’re looking for guidance on what test day will be like to assuage possible anxiety, Spokane SAT tutors can simulate the actual testing situation as close as possible using practice tests. By building familiarity, and talking about other stress-relieving techniques, you can build greater confidence so your nerves do not keep you from reaching your full potential.

By choosing one of Veritas Prep’s Spokane SAT preparation options, you are committing to doing the best you possibly can on the exam and demonstrating the kind of determination and effort that college admissions boards like to see. Contact an academic advisor today and see how we can best help you in your SAT studies.

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