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Top SAT Prep in San Antonio, TX

If you’re a high school junior or senior in the San Antonio area, the SAT likely requires no introduction. It is a standardized exam that students can take to demonstrate their academic readiness for the rigors of college life. If you have been searching for professional aid with your San Antonio SAT preparation, Veritas Prep offers an impressive selection of test prep solutions to help you work toward academic success.

The SAT has four sections: Writing/Language, Reading, Math, and an Essay. The first two sections contain multiple-choice questions on topics you may associate with your English Language Arts class, including reading comprehension, sentence structure, and vocabulary. These sections are scored together and reported on a 200-800 scale. Likewise, the Math section is subdivided into calculator and non-calculator sub-sections that are scored in the same manner. Your final SAT score is the sum of your English-related and math-related scores.

The SAT essay is optional, and its score (on a scale from 6-24) is reported separately from the numbers above. If you’re not sure whether you should take the essay section, San Antonio SAT tutors can incorporate the decision into your test prep. In all, you have three hours and 50 minutes (including essay) or three hours (without it) to finish the SAT.

Veritas Prep offers a host of San Antonio SAT prep packages to help as many students as possible pursue their dreams. For instance, our San Antonio SAT course contains digital guidebooks, interactive lessons, and other on-demand resources to help you study by yourself. Everything is accessible on mobile for added flexibility, and you get access to live homework help to resolve any questions you have.

Alternatively, our San Antonio SAT classes are taught by instructors who personally earned a top score on the test. They know what it’s like to prepare for a challenging exam and can share the strategies that helped them succeed. If you have any questions over the course of your San Antonio SAT prep, you can also receive on the spot assistance.

We also provide San Antonio SAT tutoring services. Working with a private San Antonio tutor allows students to study at their own pace, whether that means moving more slowly or more quickly than a review class. Your tutor can also take the time to understand your unique needs and design sessions around them to improve study efficiency.

San Antonio SAT prep through Veritas Prep can be just what you need to earn admission to a great local school such as The University of Texas at San Antonio. If you’re ready to learn more, contact an academic advisor today for more info!

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