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Top SAT Prep in Orlando, FL

If you are looking to attend college around Orlando, you can choose from schools in the area such as the University of Central Florida, Rollins College, Stetson University, and several others. Whether you want to attend a local institution or one of many others around the country, one thing that stays consistent is the fact that you will need to gain admission first. Many colleges require a college entrance exam score from a test like the SAT to consider your application. That makes the SAT an important exam, so you’ll want to make sure that you prepare for it ahead of time. That’s where Veritas Prep comes in. We offer a set of diverse Orlando SAT preparation offerings to meet the needs of any student.

When you take the SAT, you will have 3 hours to work through the required sections. The exam is split into a Math section that makes up 50% of your composite SAT score. This section features a part where you can use a calculator and a portion where you must figure everything out by hand. The rest of the exam score comes from the Writing and Language section and the Reading section. The SAT also offers an essay, and you should look into the schools you would like to attend to find out if they expect to see your score for this optional part of the exam. If you do decide to take the Essay section, you will get an extra 50 minutes to complete the SAT and a separate score that does not figure into your composite score.

Orlando SAT prep from Veritas Prep feature several different choices that each resonate with different kinds of students. For those who feel self-sufficient in their study and just want access to the right tools, we have our Orlando SAT courses. Students who choose this option get streaming video lessons they can watch anytime along with corresponding lesson books and other helpful resources.

Orlando SAT classes consist of 25 hours of live instruction in an online classroom where you can communicate directly with your instructor and your peers. During these five-week classes, your instructor will go into detail on the topics the SAT covers and strategies for each section. You also get everything that comes with our course when you sign up for this Orlando SAT prep option.

Orlando SAT tutoring is perhaps the best choice because you get to work directly with someone who excels in test preparation. A tutor can dedicate their attention to helping you maximize your score. When you sign up to work with Orlando SAT tutors, Veritas Prep also allows you to choose from packages that include our classes or our courses.

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