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Top SAT Prep in Miami, FL

The SAT is a standardized exam produced by The College Board to measure a student’s readiness to attend college. Many universities use the SAT as a component of their admissions process, so students may need to do well to earn admittance to the school of their dreams. If you want the most comprehensive Miami SAT prep available, Veritas Prep has you covered.

Our Miami SAT prep begins with a self-study course consisting of recorded lessons in HD quality, in-depth lesson guidebooks, and a Parent’s Guide to the SAT to ensure that your child has the proper tools for effective test preparation. Each of these materials can be streamed or downloaded on nearly any device, allowing your child to study anywhere with a stable internet connection. Should your student have any questions, regular live homework help is available to provide answers and support from an SAT expert.

We also offer a flagship five-week-long Miami SAT prep class consisting of 25 hours of live instruction. Classes are held in our innovative online classroom, allowing your child to exchange ideas and test-taking strategies with other individuals who are getting ready to sit for the SAT. All of the instructors have a passion for teaching and were top scorers on their own SAT, giving them the expertise required to lead students in effective test prep strategies.

Developing strong test-taking skills is one crucial aspect of performing your best on an exam like the SAT. Many students have a hard time managing the clock during timed exams. In the case of the SAT, test-takers only have about three hours to complete the Reading, Writing and Language, Math (no calculator), and Math (calculator permitted) sections of the exam. Your Miami SAT preparation instructor can help you develop skills like active reading techniques to minimize time spent rereading the passages on the test, allowing students to apply more time to other areas.

Another powerful test preparation tactic is private Miami SAT tutoring. We can set you up with a skilled tutor who can meet with your child whenever it works best for you. Studying with a tutor allows students to learn at their own pace, whether that means spending more time on math than reading or vice-versa. Miami tutors can also take the time to get to know their pupil, which allows a tutor to design customized study sessions with a student’s unique needs in mind. For example, a visual learner may benefit from using flashcards to practice math problems, while an auditory learner may get more out of hearing their tutor articulate the steps necessary to solve the problem. The ability for a tutor to adapt as a student makes progress and keep sessions focused on the most significant opportunities to maximize a student’s score is hard to match.

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