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Top SAT Prep in Las Vegas, NV

As you apply to colleges, a good SAT score can positively affect your application to schools like the University of Nevada Las Vegas. However, preparing for the SAT can be daunting. Fortunately, Veritas Prep offers a number of options for its Las Vegas SAT preparation. You can choose the method of preparation that fits the way you want to get ready for the SAT.

The SAT is comprised of two main sections: Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. There is also an optional Essay section. The test runs for three hours and 50 minutes if you take the Essay portion and three hours without it. The main sections are scored from 200 to 800 and combined for a composite score between 400 to 1600. The Essay section is scored from 6 to 24 and is not factored into the composite score.

Las Vegas SAT tutoring is a great option for those who want the personalized attention of a private tutor. Sessions take place online according to your schedule. You and your tutor can set goals and a plan your preparation based on the areas of the test you want to improve and your learning style. Las Vegas SAT tutors allow you to study at your pace and experience the benefits of a gifted individual tutor.

For those who want a more traditional classroom experience, Las Vegas SAT classes provide a virtual classroom and an expert teacher. These classes allow the benefits of live interactions with the instructor and fellow students, but with multiple classes offered at the same time, you can pick the session that fits your life best. Classes come with extra resources to deepen your study and the regular access to live homework help outside of class time. Classes run for 30 hours of instructional time over 5 weeks.

If you want to get by on self-study for your Las Vegas SAT prep, a course may work well for you. Las Vegas SAT courses feature pre-recorded video lessons that stream on any device in HD. You can go through these lessons at whatever pace you choose while reaping the benefits of excellent supplementary materials. With access to live homework help at regular hours, you have control over your learning while still having help when you need it.

Your Las Vegas SAT prep from Veritas Prep can help you boost your confidence and while improving your skills and knowledge needed for the SAT. If you are interested in any of these Las Vegas SAT prep options, contact one of our excellent academic advisors online or over the phone today.

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