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Top SAT Prep in Grand Rapids, MI

High school students in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area commonly take the ACT during their junior and senior years to jump-start the college application process, but many students take the SAT as well. The SAT is a high-stakes exam that allows students to demonstrate their academic readiness for undergraduate work to the colleges and universities they are applying to. If you are interested in taking your Grand Rapids SAT prep to the next level, Veritas Prep offers a variety of packages to help you pursue your educational goals.

There’s a total of four sections on the SAT. The first two (Reading and Writing/Language) contain multiple-choice items pertaining to subjects frequently studied in English Language Arts, including reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Both sections are graded together and converted to a score from 200-800. The third section, math, is subdivided into sections based on whether you can use a calculator or not. It is then scored on a 200-800 scale and added to your first score to determine your final SAT grade.

The Essay portion of the SAT is optional and scored on a separate scale of 6-24. While you may not need to take it, certain colleges may expect applicants to provide an essay score on their applications. Grand Rapids SAT tutors can help you determine if you should skip the written portion of the test.

Veritas Prep offers a broad range of Grand Rapids SAT preparation options to help as many students as possible pursue their dreams. For example, our Grand Rapids SAT course contains interactive lessons, in-depth guidebooks, and practice exams to help you prepare for the exam on your schedule. Everything is accessible on mobile for added convenience, and you have access to regular live homework help to answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, we offer Grand Rapids SAT classes taught by instructors who earned a top score on the exam themselves. They remember what it was like to nervously anticipate test day and can share the strategies they used to get through it. For instance, there is no penalty for guessing incorrectly on the SAT. Students should therefore plan to answer every question just in case they guess a correct answer or two.

If you’re looking for personalized attention, we can set you up with Grand Rapids SAT tutoring services. You can build a personal rapport with your tutor that may make it easier to ask questions if you don’t understand something about your Grand Rapids SAT prep. A tutor can also identify your unique learning style and work with it in order to enhance study efficiency.

The Grand Rapids area has plenty of great school such as Calvin College to consider, but a strong SAT score can also help you get into an out-of-state institution. Reach out to Veritas Prep today for more information on our Grand Rapids SAT prep services!

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