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Top SAT Prep in El Paso, TX

In El Paso, Texas, you’ll find schools that range from trade schools to large universities. Are you a high school upperclassman whose objective is to attend college? You may want to take a college admissions exam such as the SAT. If you want to some guidance on this rigorous exam, contact the academic advisors at Veritas Prep to discuss an El Paso SAT prep program.

The SAT is an exam that colleges like Southwest University use to test a potential student’s knowledge on college-level topics. Sections that make up the test include Math, Writing and Language, and Reading, which earns a student between 400 to 1600 points. It covers topics like English, algebra, and reading comprehension. There’s an Essay section where a student will earn 6 to 24 points, but it’s voluntary. Pupils have exactly three hours to complete the test. (They have fifty minutes longer to complete it if they include the essay).

A Veritas Prep El Paso SAT prep option grants you three test-preparation services to choose from. All of them possess a distinct way of instruction that makes you feel comfortable.

The El Paso SAT class is designed for students who enjoy studying with other pupils and teachers. It’s based in a virtual setting, allowing you to engage in lessons at any place with Internet access. Instructors who teach these lessons have done well on the SAT, so you’re welcome to ask them anything to clarify something that troubles you. It’s five weeks long and contains 25 hours of instruction.

El Paso SAT tutoring features just you and the tutor. This El Paso prep service lets you study at your own time with an adroit instructor. What’s best about working with these El Paso SAT tutors is that they conduct lessons in a way that caters to your learning style. Maybe you’re an auditory learner, and you want parts of the exam to read to you to better understand it. A tutor is happy to do just that.

For pupils who enjoy studying by themselves, there’s the El Paso SAT course. It offers HD pre-recorded video lessons and exam guidebooks. You can save them on your phone or computer and view them when you’re ready.

As you see above, you have diverse El Paso SAT prep choices to help you prepare for the big day. If you have questions about our services or you want to sign up for one, please contact Veritas Prep today online or by phone.

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