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Top SAT Prep in Durham, NC

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Top SAT Prep in Durham, NC

If you plan to continue your education after high school, earning a good SAT score is a great way to start. Many post-secondary institutions require students to earn a particular score on the SAT as an entry requirement. Those that don’t still take your score into consideration. Whether you’re looking to attend nearby top schools like Duke University or the University or North Carolina, or you’re looking further afield, it’s a good idea to obtain help with your Durham SAT prep. Veritas Prep can help you get started on your way to reaching your academic potential.

The SAT is a standardized exam covering Math, Reading, and Writing and Language, with an optional Essay response. The time allowed to complete the required, multiple-choice portions is 3 hours, with another 50 minutes to finish the essay. The highest possible score for the required sections is 1600, and for the essay, it’s 24.

Durham SAT prep can help you feel confident in your abilities on test day. For some, one-on-one Durham SAT tutoring may be the best option. Your tutor can focus on your individual needs and help you set up a realistic study plan that makes the most of your valuable time. Durham SAT tutors can also develop lessons that cover any unique needs you may have, including content review, test-taking strategies, or anxiety reduction.

If you’d rather work at your own pace and in your own time, Veritas Prep offers a self-study Durham SAT course. You work through interactive video lessons available on demand, when and where it fits your life. You’re also provided a wealth of study resources such as lesson plans and a parent’s guide. You even have regular access to homework helpers when needed. For independent learners, this is the most attractive Durham SAT prep option.

Many students prefer a slightly more familiar approach to studying. For them, a Durham SAT class may be the best option. You attend class virtually over the Internet and have live lessons taught by a top-scoring instructor. You can ask questions during class and even interact with your virtual classmates. When you sign up for this form of Durham SAT prep, you receive the same supplementary study materials as with the self-guided course, which you can use on your own time to evaluate your progress.

Veritas Prep takes pride in providing Durham SAT preparation opportunities for all types of students. To learn more about which option may work best for you, contact an academic advisor today. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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