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Top SAT Prep in Detroit, MI

High school juniors and seniors in Detroit know the SAT (or its counterpart, the ACT) is a necessary step if they want to pursue admission to schools in the region like the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Wayne State University, or the University of Detroit Mercy. No matter what four-year college a student would like to go to, they usually need to include a college admissions exam score in their application to be considered as a candidate for admission. The SAT has its own nuances, so it’s best to prepare for it deliberately. Veritas Prep is here to provide test prep services and resources for the SAT and more. Keep reading to learn our Detroit SAT prep options.

The SAT assesses a test-taker’s abilities in three required sections, and optionally in a fourth. The Writing and Language and Reading sections combine for one half of the composite SAT score. The other half comes from the Math section, which is split into two subsections: one allows a calculator, and the other does not. The SAT Essay section in non-compulsory, but some colleges want to see it in applications that come their way, so do your research to find out if you should take it. If you do, you’ll get a standalone score for your essay that does not count toward your composite SAT score.

Our Detroit SAT preparation options being with courses. A course is a set of tools and resources for students who prefer a self-study path. You can stream interactive videos, follow along with lessons in a guidebook, read the parent’s guide if your child will be taking the test, and access live homework help. A Detroit SAT course has everything for the student who feels comfortable preparing on their own.

Detroit SAT classes allow students to learn in an online virtual classroom with classmates and an instructor who earned a top score on the exam. Over 5 weeks, students get 25 hours of class time to learn from their instructor. Students also get access to the same self-study material they get in our course.

Detroit SAT tutoring is the premium option. Students get a dedicated instructor to help them focus on their biggest opportunities to improve their performance. Detroit SAT tutors can assess a student’s abilities and then build a custom learning plan centered on helping them maximize their score.

Whatever Detroit SAT prep plan you choose, you’ll get top-notch support for your study plan. Contact Veritas Prep to begin the Detroit SAT prep plan of your choice.

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