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Top SAT Prep in Des Moines, IA

Almost two million students take the SAT each year, hoping to do their best to impress the admissions office of the school of their dreams. If you’re preparing to take the SAT, you already know how challenging it can be to prepare for the exam. Veritas Prep can help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your SAT preparation process through a variety of Des Moines SAT prep options. Contact our academic advisors online or by phone to learn more.

The SAT consists of three required sections and an optional essay. Test-takers need to answer questions on subjects like reading, writing and language, math without a calculator, and math with a calculator. After completing the SAT, each student receives a total score ranging from 400 to 1600. Students who completed the optional essay section will receive an essay grade ranging from 6 to 24. Students are given three hours and fifty minutes to complete the SAT with the optional essay section.

Des Moines SAT preparation provides a variety of ways to get ready for your exam. Students who enjoy the familiarity of classroom learning can sign up for an SAT class, which takes place in a virtual classroom and is taught by an instructor who has earned a top score on the exam. Classes cover the material on the SAT and each of its sections, and you can interact with your instructor in the classroom to address your needs.

If you prefer the flexibility of on-demand learning, you can sign up for an SAT course, which consists of interactive video lessons that are viewable at your leisure. You’ll also get access to study guides, practice questions, and live homework help. When you sign up for SAT classes with Veritas Prep, you automatically get access to the on-demand course, supplementary materials, and live homework help as well.

If you’d like your Des Moines SAT prep to focus on your exact needs, Veritas Prep also offers private SAT tutoring. You can set up tutoring sessions at times that fit into your existing schedule. A private tutor can create a personalized lesson plan for you that is consistent with your learning style and SAT goals. The individualized guidance Des Moines SAt tutors provide is a great way to get more out of the time you’ve already planned on devoting to your SAT studies.

No matter what type of Des Moines SAT prep you’re most interested in, Veritas Prep can get you started today. Contact one of our expert academic advisors to find the right test preparation option for you. Des Moines SAT preparation could be just what you need to reach your full potential on test day.

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