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Top SAT Prep in Dallas, TX

As a high school upperclassman, you may have heard a bit about the SAT exam, a test that schools like Parker University and Dallas Baptist University use for the college admissions process. For many teens, just the thought of the SAT fills them with trepidation. We at Veritas Prep can help ease your worries with comprehensive Dallas SAT preparation options. Contact an academic advisor to find out how a Dallas SAT prep program can prepare you for test day.

The SAT is an exam that juniors and seniors take in order to be accepted in their dream school. The test covers Mathematics (which has two sections: with a calculator and without), Reading, and Writing and Language. It also includes an optional Essay section. Pupils who choose to do the Essay section along with the rest of the exam are given a time limit of three hours and fifty minutes. For the multiple-choice questions, they can receive a score between 400 to 1600; the Essay portion has a score range of 6 to 24.

Veritas Prep provides three Dallas SAT prep options. All of them offer their own special ways for students to approach and tackle obstacles within the exam.

The first one involves a Dallas SAT class. With this option, you can learn in a virtual classroom taught by instructors who earned top scores on the SAT. You can interact with them as well as with other students. If you’re floored with responsibilities, you don’t have to worry about choosing between them and your exam class because classes are held at various times during the day to accommodate your busy life.

Do you prefer one-on-one attention? Then you should consider signing up for Dallas SAT tutoring, the second option. Dallas SAT tutors provide sessions on a flexible schedule, and they conduct them in a way that helps you learn best.

Another option is a Dallas SAT course. An exam course takes place online and offers pre-recorded on-demand video lessons that you can watch anytime you want. It also gives you access to live homework help instructors, lesson guides, and a parent’s guide.

Whether you want to study the SAT with peers or one-on-one with an expert tutor, we at Veritas Prep hope you find the right Dallas SAT prep option that suits you so that you can do your best on the exam. To find out more about the right program for you, please contact us by email or phone today.

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