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Top SAT Prep in Colorado Springs, CO

If you’ve been thinking about applying to a top area school upon high school graduation, like Colorado College or the University of Colorado, you’re likely aware how important an assessment like the SAT is to your application process. Happily, Colorado Springs SAT preparation options have never been more plentiful. Veritas Prep offers a variety of comprehensive study packages so you can find the right one to prepare you for the big test.

The SAT exam is not for the faint of heart. If you complete the full exam, including the optional Essay, you will have 3 hours and 50 minutes to finish. The exam is created to measure whether you’re prepared to succeed in college. It tests basic skills in Reading, Writing and Language, and Math sections, on which you can earn a high score of 1600. These sections are required, and the questions are multiple choice. The Essay is scored separately, and you can earn a score of up to 24.

One option offered by Veritas Prep is a Colorado Springs SAT course. For this, you use your computer, tablet, or phone to view pre-recorded, interactive video lessons when you want. The course includes study aids like homework guides and practice tests you can use to see how well you’re doing and what you still need to work on. You can also contact live homework helpers, so you’re not alone in your Colorado Springs SAT prep.

If you desire more traditional education, Colorado Springs SAT classes fit your need. Taking place in a live, virtual classroom, the class gives you the chance to learn from an expert instructor. You can participate in a class offered at a convenient time for you and interact with your instructor and virtual peers during the class session. Outside of class, you have access to all the same Colorado Springs SAT prep study materials you’d receive with the self-study course.

Colorado Springs SAT tutors offer one-on-one, personalized learning. Your online sessions can be scheduled when it’s most convenient for you. With private Colorado Springs SAT tutoring, you have a partner to help you choose your study goals and implement a realistic plan based on your academic strengths and learning style. This intensive learning experienced is based on immediate feedback and a dynamic, customizable focus.

Veritas Prep is excited to provide SAT prep options for all types of students. If you’re ready to dive into your SAT studies, contact us today to speak to an academic advisor. They can help you choose the best option for you and get you signed up.

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