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Top SAT Prep in Cleveland, OH

If you are a Cleveland high school junior or senior, you probably already know about college admissions exams like the SAT. If you are returning to school after being away for a while, you probably still know that the SAT is one of the ways college admissions offices can determine if you fit in their degree programs. Whether you are thinking about areas schools like Oberlin, Case Western Reserve, Kent State, or others, a good SAT score could help you earn admission. For these reasons, it makes sense to prepare yourself well for the test. Veritas Prep is here to help you get ready with our excellent Cleveland SAT preparation options.

The SAT splits the exam into two parts. The Math section drives half of your score. You’ll get a portion of the Math section where you can use a calculator, but the rest of this section must be done by hand. The other half of the SAT score comes from your performance on the Writing and Language section and the Reading section. There is also an SAT Essay section, but you have to opt into taking it. Check with the schools you are interested in to see if they want to see your Essay score. If you write the essay, you’ll get a standalone score that does not figure into the SAT composite score.

We offer Cleveland SAT prep options for every student. Courses are a self-study plan for students who feel good about getting ready on their own but like having access to great tools. You get video lessons and guidebooks, and a parent’s guide. When you sign up for a Cleveland SAT course, you can also take advantage of our regular live homework help sessions.

Cleveland SAT classes place you in an online classroom with other students and an instructor who earned a top SAT score. You’ll get 25 hours of classroom learning that goes in-depth on the SAT. You also get the same self-study materials you get in our course.

Cleveland SAT tutoring may be the top option. You get to focus on your exam goals with a dedicated test prep professional. Cleveland SAT tutors help you concentrate on your best chances of maximizing your SAT score. When you sign up for tutoring, Veritas Prep will also throw in our classes or courses for extra study depending on the package you choose.

Start today with Cleveland SAT prep from Veritas Prep.

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