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Top SAT Prep in Chicago, IL

In Chicago, many students at the secondary level think about matriculating at Northwestern, the University of Chicago, Loyola University, DePaul, Wheaton College, IIT, and others. Some students might also be interested in pursuing a degree at a college further away. Irrespective of the institutions a student would like to attend, they will need to convince a college admissions office to accept them. As part of this process, most schools expect a score from a college entrance exam. If you’re looking at taking the SAT to accomplish this, you should make sure that you prepare adequately for it. Veritas Prep is here to help you, so we have excellent Chicago SAT prep options to help you solidify your study plan.

The SAT is the major college admissions exam on the coasts and in a few other states. While students in Illinois tend to take the ACT, sitting for the SAT gives students the chance to choose which exam score they share with colleges. The test includes a Math section that makes up 50% of the overall SAT score. The other half comes from the Reading section and the Writing and Language section. The SAT also has an essay that students can choose to take. Some colleges may want to see your SAT Essay score, so be sure to research your school or schools of choice before signing up for the exam. If you write the essay, you will get a separate score that is not part of your overall SAT score.

Veritas Prep’s Chicago SAT test preparation options give you several ways to get ready for test day effectively. Chicago SAT courses give self-sufficient students a study guide they can follow on their own time. Students get interactive on-demand videos that stream in HD quality and cover the details of the exam extensively. You also get lesson guides, a parent’s guide, and more.

Chicago SAT classes feature a live instructor in a virtual classroom over the web. Instructors achieved top SAT scores and share their insight into how to experience success while covering the concepts and sections of the exam in depth. This Chicago SAT prep option emulates the classroom environment for familiarity.

Chicago SAT tutoring gives you the experienced and direct support of a test prep expert. A tutor can determine and concentrate on your best opportunities to improve your performance on the exam. You also get to select a package that includes our courses or classes when you work with Chicago SAT tutors.

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