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Top SAT Prep in boise, ID

As you approach high school graduation, you’re probably hearing a lot about the SAT, a standardized exam used by post-secondary institutions like nearby The College of Idaho, Boise State University, or other quality choices during the admissions process. The thought of the SAT may cause you, like many teens, to feel anxiety. Veritas Prep can help ease your concerns with our Boise City SAT preparation options. With these choices, you’re sure to find a program that’s right for you.

Preparing for the SAT takes a lot of commitment. The SAT is a timed, standardized exam with three or four sections, the fourth one being your choice. Reading, Writing and Language, and Math are the mandatory sections on the test. You’re given 3 hours to complete these sections and earn a score of up to 1600. The additional section you can choose to take is the Essay prompt. You have 50 minutes to complete this for a possible score of 24.

You can choose a Veritas Prep Boise City SAT prep option based on your preferences and schedule. The Boise City SAT course offers the best flexibility in terms of where and when you study. You get access to on-demand video lessons, which you can view at your chosen pace. You can then use the self-study resources like practice tests, study guides, and regular access to live assistance to fine-tune your study.

Boise City SAT classes provide you with all the same resources included in the self-study course, with the addition of live instruction in a virtual classroom. You’ll learn from an instructor who scored well on the SAT, and they’ll lead you and your virtual peers through all the content areas of the SAT. There are multiple class sections, so you can choose to attend at a convenient time. Boise City SAT prep is more complete when you choose this option.

If your study preference is one-on-one, personalized attention, then Boise City SAT tutoring is the choice for you. You can meet for sessions based on your schedule, and the content of each session can be customized by your tutor based on your current level of proficiency in each subject. Boise City SAT tutors can provide the most comprehensive, in-depth study assistance because they can focus solely on your study needs during your sessions.

No matter what your SAT study needs are, Veritas Prep has a helpful solution. Contact us to speak to an academic advisor today to learn more about these study options and get started. We look forward to helping you in your efforts to reach for your goals.

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