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Top SAT Prep in Augusta, GA

Taking an assessment exam like the SAT is one way to get the attention of the admissions committees of the post-secondary institution you apply to after graduating. Schools like nearby Augusta University or Paine College can use your SAT score as one item to consider when evaluating your readiness for college-level study. In order to get your best possible score, be sure to study effectively for the test. Veritas Prep can help you with your Augusta SAT prep no matter what method of studying appeals to you.

The SAT tests you on content you’ve covered in high school, including sections on Reading, Math, and Writing and Language. There’s also an optional Essay section. It’s a rigorous exam, and you’re given a full three hours to complete the three required, multiple-choice sections. You have another 50 minutes to write the essay response. You can score up to 24 on the essay, and up to 1600 total on the first three sections. Taking advantage of Augusta SAT prep options offered by Veritas Prep could impact your score positively.

One of the study options we offer is the self-guided Augusta SAT course. This program revolves around a set of interactive lesson videos covering the content found on the SAT. You have access to study guides to keep track of how well you’re doing and guide your continuing studies. You’re even able to talk to live homework helpers when you have questions.

The Augusta SAT class offers a more traditional setting. You attend a virtual class with other students, each from your own location. Comprehensive content instruction is provided by a well-qualified instructor, and you also have access to all the supplemental study materials provided in the self-study course.

If you want more personalized Augusta SAT prep, look into Veritas Prep’s private Augusta SAT tutoring. One-on-one lessons with a knowledgeable tutor gives you the advantage of flexibility along with personalized instruction. Whether you need to focus specifically on one type of content, or you need help with test structure and time management, Augusta SAT tutors can adjust each lesson to meet your current needs. Your tutor can switch the focus of each session as your needs change and your performance improves.

Veritas Prep has developed this suite of Augusta SAT preparation options so that all types of students can benefit from professional help as they work towards their SAT goals. Give us a call today to talk to an academic advisor and learn more. We look forward to helping you.

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