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Top SAT Prep in Akron, OH

If you are a high school junior or senior in the Akron, Ohio metropolitan area, you’re probably already familiar with college admissions exams like the SAT. It’s a standardized exam that helps colleges and universities around the country identify strong candidates for their undergraduate programs. That said, SAT prep can be challenging. If you’re looking for an academic edge, Veritas Prep offers a broad range of Akron SAT preparation services to accommodate a variety of student needs.

The SAT is comprised of four distinct sections: Reading, Writing/Language, Mathematics, and an optional essay. The reading and Writing/Language sections are scored together on a 200-800 scale, while the math section is subdivided into calculator and non-calculator subsections scored the same way. Your final grade on the SAT is the sum of your two scores, meaning that 1,600 is a perfect score (800 + 800 = 1,600). You have three hours for all of these sections.

Your essay score is reported separately from the rest of the exam. You have 50 minutes to compose an essay based on the prompt provided that’s scored on a scale from 6-24. If you’re not sure whether you should take the essay, Akron SAT tutors can help you make the right decision based on your unique circumstances.

We are proud to offer a range of Akron SAT prep services. For instance, our Akron SAT course contains a variety of self-study tools you can access anywhere with a stable internet connection. Everything is mobile-friendly, allowing you to study wherever you happen to have a spare moment. Every package also includes live homework help to assist you with any issues that arise.

If you prefer to work in a more structured learning environment, an Akron SAT class may be the way to go. Every class is taught by an instructor who personally scored well on the SAT, making them a valuable resource capable of answering nearly any question you may have. We also offer multiple class times on our innovative online classroom, making it easy for students to find a session that fits into their lives.

We also provide Akron SAT tutoring services for students interested in receiving individualized attention. Private tutors can design sessions with your specific areas of opportunity in mind to improve the efficacy of time spent studying.

Whether you hope to attend a local school like Herzing University or a dream school located out-of-state, Veritas Prep’s Akron SAT prep solutions can help you strive toward your educational goals. If you would like to learn more about all of the Akron SAT prep services we offer, please reach out to an academic advisor using the contact info on this page!

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