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General SAT Math Tips

Most students favor one or two academic subjects over all of the others. For instance, some students with plans to take the SAT look forward to tackling the math section of the test while others dread it. At Veritas Prep, our SAT prep courses can help any student who wants to boost their math skills for the test. Take a look at a few simple SAT math tips and tricks that can prove helpful to students on test day.

Complete the First Step of a Problem

One of the most helpful strategies a student can learn is to put pencil to paper and complete the first step of any math problem on the SAT. This is important for students to keep in mind when they encounter their first challenging problem. For many students, it’s tempting to sit and stare at the problem while trying to visualize all of the steps involved. This approach can frustrate a student and waste valuable test time. A more effective approach is to pick up the pencil and complete the first step of the problem on paper. It’s likely that the first step will lead to the second step, the third step, and so on.

Draw the Shapes Referred to in a Problem

When it comes to the subject of math, SAT tips that we provide help students to simplify problems as much as possible. That’s why we advise students to draw the shapes that are referred to in math problems. Students who try to visualize a shape as well as work on the problem are putting needless pressure on themselves.

Cross Out the Incorrect Answer Choices

This is one of the simplest strategies on this list of SAT math tips and tricks. After a student reads the problem, they can cross out the answer options that are obviously wrong. This narrows down a student’s choices when the time comes to select the correct answer. It makes the process of choosing the correct answer more efficient.

Make Note of Important Keywords in a Problem

As a student reads through a math problem on the SAT, it’s important to look for math keywords that offer clues that may lead to the correct answer. For instance, if the question wants a student to look for a possible answer to the problem, that means there may be more than one correct answer option. In short, a student who follows this tip won’t be thrown off if they see that two or more options could be the correct answer. Other examples include the keywords “quotient” and “product.”

Check Your Work as You Go

At Veritas Prep, we know that the math section of the SAT contains some lengthy problems that require a student to complete several steps in order to arrive at the answer. That’s why one of our most valuable SAT math section tips directs students to check their work as they go. If a mistake is made in the first or second step, it will result in an incorrect answer. But if a person follows this tip, then the mistake will be discovered right away. This allows a student to reduce the total amount of time it takes to arrive at a final answer. Students who participate in our online SAT prep classes learn how to check the various steps of practice problems so they can stay on the right track. Our instructors give students these valuable tips for SAT math problems so they can use their time wisely on test day.

Consult the Mathematical Formulas in the Test Booklet

Some tips for SAT math problems are easier to remember than others. Students don’t have to memorize basic mathematical formulas for test day. These formulas are provided to students in the SAT test booklet. A student is able to reference these resources whenever they want to. Students who are unaware of this may waste valuable study time memorizing something they don’t have to!

Finally, our professional instructors at Veritas Prep are experts at preparing students for the math section of the SAT. Tips for math problems and guidance on how to approach various types of equations are just two of the valuable services that we provide to our students.