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Top SAT Courses in Syracuse, NY

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Top SAT Courses in Syracuse, NY

There are reputable schools like Le Moyne College and Bryant and Stratton College in Syracuse, New York. Are you considering these schools or other ones in the city or outside the state? You may have to take an exam like the SAT to increase your chances of admission. If you want to prepare properly for this test, a Veritas Prep Syracuse SAT course may be of some help. Contact an advisor to find out more about this course.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, also known as the SAT, is a college admissions exam 11th and 12th graders take to try to get into their desired college. This 154-question exam includes Writing and Language, Reading, and Math. (The Math portion has a part where you’re allowed to use a calculator and a part where you shouldn’t use a calculator.) The SAT also comes with an Essay section, which is voluntary. The three required sections earn a student 200 to 800 points. If you choose to complete the Essay section, you will earn between 6 to 24 points. Without the essay, the test has a time limit of three hours. If you decide to include the essay, you have fifty more minutes to finish the whole exam.

A Syracuse SAT course is perfect for self-efficient students who learn best by working at their own pace. Many teenagers are busy with volunteer work, jobs, and other after-school activities, and this self-study course helps them conveniently prepare for the SAT while balancing their other responsibilities. It comes with pre-recorded lesson videos and access to an instructor who can assist you with homework. There’s even a Parent’s Guide to the SAT, a book that makes it simple for your parent or guardian to help you with SAT concepts. The best thing about this program is it’s online, so you can save books and videos on your phone or laptop and view them during your free time.

You also get convenient auxiliary educational tools with a Syracuse SAT course. They come in the forms of in-depth lesson guidebooks what work in connection with the videos. These help you become familiar with the exam’s content and format.

It’s important to prepare for the SAT exam or any other important events in your present and future. Do you learn well by studying on your own and feel that a Syracuse SAT course can help you? Then contact a Veritas Prep representative today through our contact page or by phone.

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